Where do you get your bigguns?

Large format–Mags and Double mags
Do you have a source for bigguns with age?

I buy a lot of my older stuff both regular and occasionally Mags from Ben at Cellarariders in Brewster NY, an online only one man show. He buys private collections and the provenance is always excellent and if there are any conditions of note are always disclosed. He usually has ones and twos and the assortment always changes. Right now he has a half dozen mags up to 3 liter from 96 back to 69. Good guy, have not only done business with him but have shared wines at offlines with him.

Well, you know why I am looking. [wink.gif]

In general agree with Cellar-raiders, but have found him just a little spotty about provenance and conditions. This applies more to bottles than large formats; some bottles purchased at just over 10 years have shown up unannounced with fills below the neck. None has been bad enough for me to complain, but I’ve been close.

Hart Davis Hart auctions often has a lot of large format. I like to pour big bottles at my national sales meeting and they have been impeccable.

Dan Kravitz

He delivered some wine which was clearly different from my purchase order, but urged me to keep it. That experience and friction cost were not reassuring.

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Well, this is the right time to go looking, I’ve gotten several emails… Flickinger, JJB, and some others regarding large formats. I would also check the auction market. Probably the best place to get 5L+ bottles with age. Schneiders in DC has some 18L rioja,a few bordeaux, and 1 or 2 Italian big bottles. They have a 6L of '98 Lafite and '95 Masseto… just sayin.

but just hope its not corked. lol

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