When this all ends . . . .

Similar to the “open a precious bottle” thread, when this whole Coronavirus stuff ends, I plan to celebrate by opening my set of three 2013 Bedrock Weill a Way Syrah Expositions #1, #2, and (wait for it) #3. After all, the Bob Man rated them 99, 100, and 100, respectively. A nearly perfect trifecta, to celebrate the end of The End.
I have a group of seven friends (eight of us total) with whom I have been having a monthly dinner every month for the last 45 years. They will get the benefit of The End.
Phil Jones

Maybe don’t wait til the end. Might be too late.

When this whole thing ends, I’m going to go back to northern Italy.

Stay safe, everyone.

We’re drinking good stuff now.

We have more good stuff for later, but hell, smoke 'em if you got 'em.

Why wait???

Drinking great wine is lovely, but I’m looking forward to drinking great wine with friends. Sounds like the OP is looking forward to a special event when we can all gather again.

if I still have a job when life starts returning to normal, then a Leroy will probably be opened around then.

A whole bunch of wine events - some themed around special wines - were cancelled, as well as some winery work days, which are with good friends. Plenty of catching up to do. Plenty of great wines will come out.

I wouldn’t wait. Never know how things can work out.

Beyond awesome!



When this ends, another pandemic will be around the corner…welcome to the new normal of a full planet. When times are good we all make excuses of why we should wait for ideal moment, when times are bad we all discuss seizing the moment…I’d suggest you seize the moment and live in the moment, life is too short and potentially shorter than we all think.

Live well.

This is wineberserkers, not winewaituntiltheendofapandemic. Open them and enjoy them.

and this

It has been a wonderful experience. I married into this group, back when I was young. It had been going for a couple of years when I came on the scene. Sadly, we have had one death and one divorce, and so two newcomers have joined, maintaining our count at four couples. So I am no longer the most recently-joined member. Life goes on. Perhaps they keep me because I bring the wine . . . . . .
Phil Jones

I’m with Larry on this.

larry schaffer wrote: ↑
Sat Mar 21, 2020 10:55 pm
Why wait???
I’m with Larry on this.

I am with Larry and now Sherri on this. Now can we get a Barry, Perry or Mary involved? champagne.gif

Yes, but you are merely a John . . . . .
By the way, you left out Cary, Gary, Harry, Jerry, Kerry, Sari, and Terry. They should feel slighted.
Perhaps I am suffering from cabin fever.
Phil Jones

Staying put for now but we have a little bit of hope for spring break.

I should clarify that I am not drinking plonk while I wait for all of this to end. I realized long ago that saving all of the good wine will mean that I will likely shuffle off before it is all consumed. So most nights we have a good bottle of wine, mostly Carlisle or Bedrock.
But after all this crap ends, our supper club will celebrate with what I hope will be the best of the best.
See you on the other side,
Phil Jones