What's your favorite or best GLASS for PINOT NOIR?

I prefer the Riedel - Vinum line, myself.

Riedel Sommeliers Maxi Burgundy Grand Cru Glass http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/3 … SS500_.jpg Years ago as a waiter we used these for certain wines. They would eventually chip, then I could then take them home. I found a place to grind the lip smooth again and had 15 outrages glasses. I still have 2 and use them often. will hold an entire bottle (hard to swirl with an entire bottle).

The regular vinum Burgundy glass that Ben shows is good, but Keith Wollenberg convinced me that the Riedel Vinum XL Pinot Noir is even better: Riedel Vinum XL (Oregon) Pinot Noir Glasses 6416/67 - SKU 1040757. I don’t like the Riedel sommelier glass – to me, it’s overly large, pretentious, expensive, fragile, and clunky (and Georg Riedel confided to me onetime that it isn’t any better than the vinum).

I agree but these where free and they look great when setting a table. And they are like drinking from a decanter.

+1 Was bottling day today for Gracianna. 192 cases of 2009 Bicgalupi Pinot and just over 200 cases of 2009 Bacigalupi Zin. I’m amazed each time I watch how quickly the process completes itself.

I’m a big fan of the Vinum. Also have been enjoying the larger, Sommelier-impersonating series from Target lately …

Though I drink lots of Pinot Noir I don’t currently have Pinot-specific glasses. But I do have a set of Riedel Vinum Extreme Cabernet stems and have found that the many PNs I’ve poured into them–including various single-vineyards, blends and vintages from the likes of Williams Selyem, Hirsch, Copain, Rochioli, W.H.Smith, Saintsbury, Walter Hansel, etc., etc., etc.–all have shown beautifully within their individual styles and crafted profiles. In fact, I get better overall pleasure and consistency from drinking PNs in the Vinum Extreme Cabernet stems than I do drinking Cabernet in them. Of course, that may have more to do with the fact that my range of Cab experience sucks. Right after getting the stems as a gift I fell victim to the siren call of lady Pinot Noir and she doesn’t allow me to devote much attention or money to rivals, however compelling they may be.

Riedel Vinum Burgundy with non-Burgundian Pinots and Riedel Sommelier Grand Bourgogne with red Burgundy.

I’ll second the contrarian POV. There’s as much variation in styles within a varietal as there is from one varietal to another. So I don’t really believe that any one glass can be universally ideal for a given varietal wine. Now, glasses absolutely do make a difference. A given bowl shape or size will work better or worse with a given wine. Not that I’ve been systematically studying it, but I’ve found no particular pattern other than wines that can use oxygenation require a bigger bowl. Whites that are already aromatically open, but not effusive seem OK with a smaller bowl. A wine that is room filling or stinky in its aromas probably should go with a very big bowl to let the aromas diffuse. So for the most part I use decent stems, somewhere is the medium to large range. I also like sparklers in white wine glasses–I’m weird like that too. I guess I figure getting exactly the right glass for any wine is a big chore, so I choose not to worry. Very rarely do I drink Pinot from a proper Pinot glass, to be honest. I actually prefer it from the smaller bowl.

I also like the Riedel Vinum stem. It is particularly useful at offlines when you may only get an ounce or so. The nearly flat bottom of the bowl allows for a good spreading of the wine as opposed to a Spiegelau that is more conical. For Bordeaux, the Spiegelau is fine with me.

I like the plain cabernet/merlot or pinot/nebbiolo glass from the riedel restaurant series: http://www.vehrsinc.com/Riedel/RiedelRestaurant.htm $5/stem

+1 We carry and use the Riedel restaurant series in the bar at our store. We are generally using the cabernet/merlot glass for most reds. The Pinot/Nebbiolo glass is a specialty glass that takes up more space but provides little or no difference in aromatics or taste to me personally and I haven’t had anybody else claim a difference in the two years we’ve used the glasses.

I am a fan of the Riedel Oregon Pinot glasses, kind of hard to find but my favorite.

I use these, and LOVE these. I’m not sure how they are different than the Vinum XL… they look identical to me from the website… maybe one is taller/wider?

Does no one else like the Speiglau Burg glass? This has been my go-to glass for years (pinot, nebbiolo, tempranillo, sangiovese, albarino, chardonnay.

I like it. Is that the titanium reinforced one? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

I own Speiglau and Riedel Vinums (along with some restaurant Riedels) and they all work great. Not a big fan of the Schott Zwiesels I have. But after my recent trip to Oregon, I think the Vinum XL Oregon is my favorite.


+1. I do find a difference between the Vinum and the Somm for my burg experiences. I much prefer the vinums for e.g. Cali Pinot.

Schott Zwiesel ‘Forté’ Burgundy.

Tritan Burgundy Glass by Schott Zwiesel "Forté" (8465/140) - SKU 1021407" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

$7.99 a glass with the KL wine club pricing… Very durable.

Riedel Vinum for anything pinot except for Oregon, for which I use the Riedel Vinum XL glasses.