What's the best $20 Bourgogne Blanc?

Use to be Roulot…that ship has LONG since sailed…now $100! For me it’s been Francois Carillon BB of late…house white…love the stuff…drink(and cook) it like water! But just wondering what else is out there, in that price point, giving up that white Burgundy pleasure…on the cheap! Give it to me…your fav goto $20 BB?


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I have some opinions on BB, but can you get any for $20 anymore? Even the bargain options have gone to $27-29 these days.

Paul Pernot, Arlaud’s HCdN Blanc are both right around there, I think. Both excellent daily drinkers, for me.

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Can’t find $20 BB…mostly Pouilly Fuisse or Macon Villages.

Ok, $25 is the new $20…I get it. Give or take…$20-25?

I’ve loaded up on Carillon-2018, 19, and 20. All around $20. Never disappointed. Of course Louis Michel has some more serious vineyard designates at a slightly higher price point.

One can sometimes find Olivier Leflaive Setilles at that point. It can be quite good, especially in a strong vintage. The aforementioned Pernot is also a good option.

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the $9 remoissenet bourgogne blanc from our favorite local grocery store have been decent along with the $8 domaine thomas saint veran. the best white value however has been the $7 trimbach reserve pinot gris :slight_smile:

Agree on Pernot and Carillon.
Add Pavelot to the list.

Goisot Cotes d’Auxerre for me, though again very much on the limits of “$20-25”!!

At less than 20$:
Domaine Céline et Frédéric Gueguen Bourgogne Côtes Salines. Pretty good in all vintages.

Not Bourgogne, but Drouhin’s maconnais wines are widely available in that price range, and are in no way a compromise.

Another vote here for Francois Carillon, though it’s slightly higher than $20. I would also add Guillemard-Clerc into the mix at about the same price.

Is the sale on right now? Drank my Remoissenets long ago! [cheers.gif]

through 3 cases of 2019 Baillard Chablis. never heard of the producer before, but came across a throwaway reference in the last chablis report in vinous.

Pepiere Clos des Briords [stirthepothal.gif]

Collet Chablis is also a fave but that is now $30.

“Bourgogne Blanc” it is not, but it is a Chardonnay from Bourgogne. . .
William Fevre Champs Royaux Chablis. Closer to $25. The 2019 was especially nice.

2019 J.M. Boillot Bourgogne Blanc

I used to buy cases and cases of Boillot’s Bourg Blanc, usually at the Flickinger early sale. But that too has jumped to over $30 counting shipping cost.
Now, for ‘refrigerator’ white wine, I buy whatever sounds interesting from de Negoce. Not Burgundy but the price/value is impossible to beat…


I’ve not had but like the Meursault here. Solid CT reviews. My usual chardonnay around this level is domestic or Fichet for a bit more.