What YEAH! wine are you drinking?

And you just reminded me of the other wine with that textural signature: Idlewild Cortese.


Nailed it.
Hot night last night-grilled chicken and bunch of veggies and a Summer Salters. The umami factor here is off the charts. I get the cooler weather comment, but it was just fine last night, too. Kita approved.


If you’re in Sonoma, or within 150 miles, you must stop at the EWCY tasting room. It’s bright, intentional, welcoming and full of energy, just like the wines. No notes from our visit Saturday, I was too busy enjoying the company of old friends and learning from Hardy, but every wine was delicious. The 2023 lineup is going to be special and I suspect some wines, like the 2023 Shake Ridge Mourvèdre, will be giving pleasure for decades, or as long as you can resist opening them.


Thank you! So great having you all in to the tasting room. It is a special space.

Hope to see you on your next trip down.

Thank you, Dennis!!!


2022 Old Vines Grenache.

I had a bottle of this in the first half of June and, in a case of haphazard cellar management, ended up taking another pass at this. 1 hr decant this time and a bit more time chilling in the fridge

I think I sold this wine short the last time, even though I liked it then. The slightly greater chill on this brought out similar scents and tastes as last time , but in a completely different order of dominance and intensity. Fruit flavors were closer to raspberry this time, and this time had something closer to a typical Grenache Jolly Rancher feel to it. The maple aspect was much quieter and the herbs (rosemary, oregano) were in total overdrive. Maybe my mood was different or the shuffling of the flavor deck just made it better but — wow was this singing whereas it just hummed last time. I don’t normally like the fruit roll up aspect of some Grenache but in this wine it just slotted into place beautifully. This wine disappeared quickly.


Totally agree on the tacticility - Full King Crab II and III feel to me like the true inheritors of the great Chendawg I. I’m just blown away by how good they are.

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I am a huge fan of Chendawg II and I don’t even like Chenin!

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Thank you, Ben. To me, the FKC II is a showstopper right now. It has shed some of the primary and feels like some alternate universe cross between Chablis and Condrieu and ???

Thank you!

For lovers of CDAWG II , I think there is going to be a new ringer. IMHO The 2023 Mariana’s Vineyard Chardonnay is equal or greater of a Yeah! white wine. Like the CDAWG II, it has a similar cross where a hint of reduction meets a kiss of Gahier-like oxidation but paired with extra-long hang time and that Santa Cruz Mountains zing! (This will either be in the Fall release or a pre-holiday special offer.)


2021 Family Band

hard to place the grapes but it all came together nicely

dont overthink this, just pair with some pleasant food and enjoy the cooling of the evening after a warm day

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Should be awesome! I’m sad I’ll be out of town!

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Thank you, Colby!

Bay Area Friends- This will be an awesome event- a seated seminar tasting at Flatiron SF discussing our blending philosophy and the future of CA wine in the midst of climate crisis.

Tickets are available here.

Hope to see you!


2023 Summer Salters III. The color of a pale black raspberry thunderstorm. Layers of juicy, deep fruit that lead you into a thick, rocky bramble. This is an utterly different wine from the last two vintages, but no less delicious than the '21, which had been my favorite of the two so far. I def didn’t buy enough of this.