What wines would you buy if you were leaving the world of wine?

If you could buy wines at wholesale price before leaving wine sales what would you pick?

Raveneau comes to mind etc, but my wife would murder me if I spent those kind of dollars on wine. Right now I’m looking to get a few cases of White Bones & White Stones from Catena… so probably hovering around the $100-250. I think I’ll try and get some Krug and other personal favorites.

I’d appreciate any suggestions of some fun wines that can age well.

I think the obvious answers are obvious, DRC Rousseau Roumier liger Belair etc

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We do have some Petrus and DRC on hand, but I don’t think I can afford that :sweat_smile:

If you’re buying based on avoiding aftermarket pricing on allocated stuff, then that’s one answer. If you’re buying based on availability (maybe you’re moving?), that’s another. If you’re buying for your taste, well, you probably know what you want!

Buy all, sell 1/2 for profit and your TCO goes way down. :slight_smile:


Buy all the DRC and sell to me at cost.