What wine will you drink for the NFL playoffs?

I started this thread on Ebob in Wine Talk as a serious discussion of wine and football, but I have been banished to Social Hall, so I’ll start again with a discussion of what wine to drink with football and football food.

As a Jets Fan who is going to be watching meaningful January football, I’ll be opening a '07 Saxum JBV. Great wine with Flannery beef grilled on the BGE. Maybe a bottle of Paumanok Barrel Fermented Chardonnay to start, since they are the NY Jets, even if they play in New Joisey.

Beer, you say? No matter how much Posner tries to convince me that wine is not a football drink, I just can’t do Coors Light and Bud. Maybe an Allegash as a a side dish if I can find one. There’s plenty of good Belgian stuff, but that would be un-American.

How about the rest of you?

Please move this post to “The Asylum”.

I’m shocked, I tell you. Shocked.

I don’t know why anyone would post on ebob… [berserker.gif]

I like your idea of the Saxum JBV. Depending on the grub, I might also suggest an Alban Reva or even a Carlisle Zinfandel.

How can a New York team play in Jersey?

Since I own no Saxum or Alban I will likely have to make due with a Maybach on Sat and a CdP on Sunday.

Sucks to be you then.

They are the New York (City) Giants and Jets, not the New York (State) Giants and Jets. The Dallas (City) Cowboys play in Arlington, don’t they? Many city named teams play in their metro areas but not within the city limits.

Jeff, I actually knew that…was just trying to be a smartass in the spirit of thread derailment.

Watching my beloved eagles against Dallas, I will be drinking Bass or Sam Adams. Depending on the out come I will either pop a Champagne or some Don Julio tequila…

We have a tradition. We ALWAYS open a bottle of Champagne before the opening kick off of a Cowboys game. I’m fairly confident that’ll continue throughout the playoffs as long as they’re still in.

So just once more then?

For America’s Team (the Cowboys), we’ll open Zin maybe or see if we can find a Texas beer.

Sadly we own no Texas wine

[rofl.gif] [welldone.gif] - I Love it…

I guess you have been pretty dry in the playoff the last 14 years eh Joe?

When I watch the Packers, I should be drinking beer - I can’t stand beer, not to mention Wisconsin style beers - so I’ll have to go with Riesling, as a nod to the German influence and tradition there. Maybe properly fire up some brats!

Fair enough Bill! I actually didn’t even realize that was your post or I wouldn’t have corrected you. I am just tired of that remark.