What wine to pair with White Castle?



Love this part:

Hours went by this day with no wine orders. “It isn’t Bordeaux, it’s Indiana,” said Dave Dore, the regional manager, who was passing through. A man sat nearby behind a pile of cheeseburgers. Mr. Dore called, “Some wine with your White Castle?” The man said, "Sliders would go better with Wild Turkey and Peppermint Schnapps."

Castle Rock Zin was the thought that came to my mind reading the question of the subject line.

“. . . Columbus, Ohio, the company’s hometown . . .” Why am I not surprised. GO BLUE.


2007 cdp…from magnum

I agree with the Wild Turkey and Peppermint Schnapps, at least you have a chance of that combination of killing your taste buds sufficiently that you won’t care what you eat. White Castle is dreadful stuff.

My favorite was this:

“I find that people who know wine will choose the Moscato,” said the counterman, Ryan Parrott.

Because people that know wine, are ordering the Moscato version of the Barefoot Merlot (the only wine specified)

wtf is that? four loko?

Duh. Black Tower Rivaner. That way you can have the garbage cuisine chess match between black and white such a pairing richly deserves.

Chateau (Cheval) Blanc. Maybe in half bottles.

Root beer of course.

What is corkage fee? How are the stems?

A couple years ago we had wome couples over for what turned out to be a fun night. I brought home bags of White Manna burgers from an impossible-to-get-into slider place in Hackensack New Jersey for a Bellybombs and Bordeaux night. Granted, I then spiffed up the burgers with some fun stuff like seared foie gras, slow roasted tomatoes and a Maui onion confit, but everyone had a blast pairing them up with some high end bordeaux, including a bottle of 1986 Lafite…which I can reconfirm won’t be ready to drink in my lifetime.

Make that a '61 hehe !!

So, Rosé?

So funny. I went to that particular WC many times when I was at Purdue. During none of my visits would it have been appropriate to drink more alcohol.

I’m a little disappointed they didn’t get a comment from the professor who is teaching the wine appreciation course at Purdue now. That was a very popular, albeit very difficult, course when I was a student.

As to the pairing: I love new world style Pinot noir with fast food burgers but WC is a different animal because it is cooked with so many onions. I’m not sure anything would go well with them except maybe a roll of toilet paper…