What Wine should I Drink?

Hello Everyone,

I am goiong to a food and wine pairing and am bringing a salad that will have candied pecans with a maple-balsamic dresssing. What wine would you recommend to pair with it? [help.gif] [help.gif]



Or, for us cheapskates out here in flyover country, Prosecco.

Any of the Huet Sec. They have enough sweetness and acidity to complement, and they’re great crowd-pleasers at a reasonable tariff.

Salad is always difficult

Doubling down on some sort of bubbly. Rosé Cava is very affordable and can make almost anything taste better…

I third Champagne/bubbly and would also suggest a Muscadet.

If feeling adventurous, I’d go with a fino Sherry…

The Huet idea is a good one. I’d also throw in German Riesling, probably a Spatlese.

Or better yet, eat the salad fast and then dig into some roast beef with a nice Cab. Don’t forget - part of food and wine pairing is knowing what doesn’t pair. [cheers.gif]

I have the Sean batline and recommend the 2009 Chidaine Choisilles MSL. He settled on that. 5 years ago, we’d be drinking 17% CA syrah and now look…he’s drinking Loire! Plus, now you guys got him talking Huet…good work!

Thank you all for your recommendations. I didn’t come out of this empty handed. I was sent home with a bottle of the 2010 Huet “Le Mont” Just wait til I start talking Alsace, FCMIII!!!

@GregT, that will be a future option to consider as I saw your post too late.

You’re gonna love it. That’s my favorite on the '10’s, with the Clos du Bourg close behind, and the Le Haut Lieu no slacker.

Huet makes a bubbly, but, as a young wine, it is EXTREMELY POWERFUL.

I had it at an outdoor luncheon this summer, and it struck me as needing maybe 20 years to start to settle down [or maybe even more than that, given that it’s Chenin Blanc, which has a reputation of lasting forever].