What will be your area of emphasis next month @ the New World Wine Experience

I have attended three of the WS experiences in the past! This year my emphasis is on introducing my 23 year old son to the wine world!
I know that different editors focus on presenting particular aspects/tastings at this event! What area will you be focusing on/monitoring?

My own focus has been on cabs/bordeaux and rhone blends from around the world. And, we have significant familiarity with Italian and Spanish wines. So I welcome the focus on Pinot (Oregon) and Burgundy (Latour)as it will introduce my son to wines he may be less familiar with! Anything else you recommend we keep an eye … and our taste buds… focused on?


PS: Didn’t Maynard fall within the vortex of New World… it is after all Arizona?!!

I just wanted to express that I somehow failed to note your “retirement” in my prior message to you. Does this mean you won’t be attending?

I haven’t been invited to attend or speak. I hope you have a great time.