What WHISKY (Scotch) are you drinking?

It’s actually been a while since I’ve had a pour, but for the purposes of starting this I’ll toss-out my favorite, Lagavulin. [thumbs-up.gif]

Yesterday, my brother and I shared some Chivas Regal Royal Salute 21yr old Scotch, delicious and smooooooth.

My go-to’s are Oban and Talisker but I’ve really been enjoying 14-year-old Clynelish from the coastal highlands lately. You can just taste the salty air. Great stuff.

Love the Macallan (1982). Glenrothes is my go to because my dad has a place he gets is cheap, and it’s good. But my favorite, more or less, is Balvanie 21 year port wood. Too bad it’s so bloody expensive now.

Years ago I used to drink Scotch, but I stopped about 30 years ago and have only a couple disappointing high-end Scotches since.

Dayumn! A man of taste. Oban and Talisker were in my cellar until I finished the Oban last night.

Lagavulin is awfully nice too…

I don’t buy it often and I reserve it as a rare treat but I sure enjoy it when I allow myself the indulgence.

I like the smokey flavor of this.

I currently own a Balvenie 12. Recently purchased at the duty free in Seoul for USD$33. Everything else at the Seoul DF is $$$$.
I also enjoy Oban and Highland Park.

Think I’ll go and take a pour while I watch the Jet game.

HP is another of my favorites. Oban is also good, but I do find it a bit oily. Another vote for Talisker, as well. Talisker and Highland Park achieve a balance that Lagavulin doesn’t even try for.

Cardhu for a Single Malt, it’s a little lighter than Oban and perfect Neat or with 1 or 2 ice cubes in it, Dewars for a cocktail with soda or water.

I can’t imagine how epic that is. The best ‘attainable’ Scotch I can remember is 15 year The Macallan. I’ve had the 12 year and was not at all impressed - rather go with Balvenie or Glenlivet 12 (my ‘go to’ Scotch). The 18 year Mac must kick serious ass.

they also make 25 and 30 yr versions … bucco bucks, though. [shock.gif] The 18 is actually reasonably priced.

Todd, you got to try some new stuff.

Smith’s Glenlivet was SOOO much better 20 years ago than it is today.

It is now riding on a reputation which it does not deserve. 90% hype.

The best single malts have inflated from that $39 dollar range up to $50-$70 for reasons, they are expensive to produce. How come Glenlivet has maintained the old price point?

They have that club with membership and videos, they are selling boatloads of Scotch to Asia, and the quality has plummeted.

I mean Glenfiddich, but I’m assuming you will have the same thing to say about it.

I’m open to recommendations.

oh, gawd!! Glenfiddich … Glenlivet [suicide.gif] … those are to Scotch what Columbia Crest is to wine … not bad, but not even close to as good as you can get, either. (i’m referring only to their respective 12 yr’s)

Todd, do yourself a favor: don’t ever buy another bottle of Glenfiddich; stick around this thread a while, and try some of those mentioned herein. You like Mac – that’s a good start. Perhaps try Cragganmore or Aberlour next. I think you will find those palatable.

Brian - I’m not considering Glenfiddich as a ‘good’ single malt at all, just a daily drinker type, as an alternative to a blend.

good … nonetheless, there are plenty other equally-priced (or barely more expensive) single malts that I would recommend as daily drinkers above Glenfiddich. You should be able to find Cragganmore for less than $40.

blended Scotch [suicide.gif] [suicide.gif] … i dislike those about as much as i like single malts (granted, i’ve yet to try the famed JW Blue)

No, Todd. I =never= liked Glenfiddich. neener

It is criminal what has happened to Glenlivet, that used to be really major good stuff.

Aberlour is inexpensive and so is Cragganmore, much better drinks.

HiTime has Cragganmore - I’ll give it a try

http://www.hitimewine.net/istar.asp?a=6&id=106660!1104" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

I use to drink Dewers 12 with a Japanese client of mine. Funny thing is that I eventually developed a taste for it.
He’s since passed away, and every so often, when I’m eating sushi, I order one for old times sake.