What to pair with Venison?

So how did it go, James?

As an avid deer enthusiast, I must say that Saint Laurent is the perfect wine -preferably those from the Pfalz or Austria.


Old school Bandol.

Went well! The prep of the meat was real simple just BBQ over some oak and so I decided to go with an 03’ Lynch Bages and an 08’ Janasse regular bottling. The ladies prefered the Janasse and the boys the Lynch Bages. Our hosts had a bottle of the 09’ Lang and Reed Two Fourteen which was absolutely delicious. The meat was great but the company better and the wines a lot of fun. Thanks for all the great suggestions.

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03’ Lynch Bages: Open into the decanter for 1 hour. On first smell this has some underlying brett happening but it adds a nice earthy/gamey element. Lead pencil and dark fruit along with earth and game on the nose. Over the hour of drinking this really fleshes out and becomes much more expansive on the nose and palate with the brett blending in more. The mouth feel and structure is classic Bordeaux with great fine grained tannins and good acidity. Nice medium finish. As others have said this is ready to go right now.

08’ Janasse CdP: Pop and pour. Nice dark ruby color and great powerful juicy fruit on the nose. Very tight and opens up nicely with dark fruit and a floral component. The palate is very hefty with great tannin and nice acidity. Not at all classic CdP but hedonistic and delicious.

09’ Lang and Reed Two Fourteen: Just a great example and wonderful representation of a cab franc bottling. The nose is lovely with a floral and high toned red fruit mixture (strawberries and raspberries). The palate is very nice and blanced with great richness. Lovely red fruits, earth and a subtle vanilla from the oak. Should drink well for a number of years. Really impressed and the second bottle I have had in the last week. Great QPR at $40.
Thanks for all the

Well done, James! Looks like the perfect trio pairing