What to pair with Venison?

I was invited to a friend’s house for dinner tonight and he announced we are having Venison. Okay sounds great but I was asked to bring a bottle of wine. What the heck do you pair Venison with?



Cornas and Cote-Rotie.

Red Burgundy

I eat a lot of wild venison, and yes Northern Rhones work well, including Hermitage, but Southern Rhones can work too, as well as bordeaux. Cheers [cheers.gif]

I’ve always thought Zinfandel paired well with game, including venison. Syrah also.

Red burgundy.

I think a nice Bordeaux would be interesting, or Hermitage

Northern Rhone.
Best, Jim


All great suggestions. I will likely bring a red burg and a bordeaux. Thanks again!

One thing to consider is that venison is very often served (at restaurants at least) with some kind of fruit (usually berry) reduction sauce, so if that’s the case, you might want to consider what that would be in choosing your pairing. If you’re going to have some Port-raspberry reduction sauce on the venison, then a delicate Burg or something might not be the right pairing.

If it’s just being cooked simply like a steak, then pretty much any good red wine should work well with it.

Depends on how its cooked. Don’t overcook! Venison is superb rare. We always grill. Always.
Higher seasonings go fantastic with CDP. I’d bring a mag of a 2007.

Riserva level Chianti Classico or Rufina.

Mature Barolo/Barbaresco/Gattinara/Ghemme.

Valpolicella ripasso or Superiore.

We enjoyed grilled venison tenderloin just over a week ago. It was partnered with a Magnum of 1986 Chateau Mouton Rothschild.
Excellent partnership.

Hank [cheers.gif]

Barolo or Barbaresco would be my choice. Did this last Christmas, in fact, and it was a great match.

We eat venison and bison pretty often around here… more so than beef actually. It is true that it is often grilled. Sometimes berry type sauces are used! But, the classic is a pepper based sauce. Whichever way you go with it, fruit, pepper, or just straight grilled, I have found that CDP really stands out with it. If you are thinking Pinot… probably something bold and new world. Old Barolo would work best with a pepper sauce presentation. Cabernet or cabernet blends would go with many rub type spices. Fruit sauces would pair well with CDP, northern rhone, or some central CA coast rhone ranger type wines! Funny, in reading many of these comments it seems that everyone is pairing that red meat with their own personal red of choice. Often I think at a restaurant that I determine the wine first, and then which dish in what particular application pairs well with it! So, I guess I would normally do this as well. Just remember that this is lean meat similar in many ways to grass fed beef. So, the preparation can and will destroy your wine choice if you don’t pair to spicing, rub, or sauce in that dish. You all know your food preferences, and which sauces and preparations bring out the best in your favorite wines! Unabashedly and hedonistically… satisfy your own palate!

Grilled venison with a good Petite Sirah. Trust me. It’s delicious.

Bordeaux or Norther Rhone.

I second Daniel’s comment about cooking the venison. If it’s wild, it will taste distinctly like iron if you over cook it. It’s superb medium rare, anything more destroys the enjoyment you’ll get out of it.

Obviously per everyone just about any red will work. Check what the sauce will be if there is one and make sure your wine will complement the sauce also.