What to pair with tuna tartare?

Definitely on aboard with the rose bubbly recs.

A mostly grenache based (still) rose pairs well too.

For something a little off beat, a slightly fizzy Spanish rose from Txakoli would be a fun pairing as well. I’ve posted about my favorite one before, Ameztoi Rubentis.

I think you’re a big enough boy to ignore any such Berserk recommendations…

Personally, I prefer a crisp Champagne/sparkling wine over a Pinot Noir/Burgundy with a dish like this. And a crisp rose Champagne in particular.


Txakolina Rose, if there’s any left. Drank it all summer with various raw tuna concoctions.

I only said IPA because that’s our focus this week. Saison all the way or maybe even La Fin du Monde.