What to pair with gyros?

Good old-fashioned lamb gyros … what’s a good wine pairing? Thanks for all ideas. [berserker.gif]


Hell no! Retsina is plonk. And WHITE. not with Gyros.

I elect: Agiorgytiko. Second most planted red varietal from Greece from the Peloponnese. If you can find it, MAYBE a red Cotes di Meliton.

Good luck!

Piggybacking on what Sarah said, Greek varietal reds would be a logical choice. Failing availability of such, you could also look to southern Italy, whose viticultural history is tied to Greece. Try a Calabrian Ciro or a Puglian Negroamaro, both of which should be available at some of your usual local suspects.

Mmmmm, gyros…

CdR, restrained CA zin, Ribera del Deuro, rose, pinot.

Will it have things like tzatziki sauce on it, etc.?

yes … but i will be going light on the garlic … and will probably use some mint and basil as the herbs therein.

I’d go for a “spicy” wine like Vosne or CdP/CdR - but actually due to the sauce I’d probably go with a spicy white.

Yes, sauces often throw a monkey wrench into what you might think is a straightforward pairing. The yogurt could be a problem. [emot-pwn.gif]

yeah … i figured the yogurt would rule out any red, but i’m not sure. i’ve never tried pairing wine with gyros.

I had a gyro with a bottle of 1999 Domaine Santa Duc Gigondas Prestige des Hautes Garrigues last week. Not bad at all.

First of all, nice to see you 'round these parts again!

Secondly - you baller! Jan sucks down a whole bottle of wine when he gets a gyro. And we thought the Techno Viking was tough!

Here’s the REAL Techno Viking, and he’s actually a Viking!

Dry, dark, fizzy, cold Lambrusco…

Roberto, et al.,

Do you think a champagne might work for this?

Rosé maybe but I think you want something with some tannins…

Well…maybe not a whole bottle. I was trying to keep the whole Techno Viking alter ego thing on the down low. Now you’ve blown my cover.


You’re on the right track there. Find one with lower oak/higher acid profile. The basic bottlings from Terlano or Muri-Gries would be good; avoid the riservas. Also, you might consider lagrein’s Sudtiroler cousin, St. Magdalener, another light-bodied, bright red made from vernatsch/schiava.


you know anything about this lagrein?:

2006 Abbazia di Novacella (Stiftskellerei Neustift) Lagrein

Reliable producer, actually the oldest in Europe. They’re about in the middle of the oak spectrum for the lagreins I’ve tried. It should work nicely for your gyros. Try their kerner sometime for a great northern Italian white.