What to order off this list

I am in NOLA and am taking my wine geek niece and her husband (actually he is the blood relation but she is the wine geek) and one other person to an Italian restaurant, San Lorenzo, tomorrow night when they offer 50% off bottles off of their list. What do you recommend? And remember, I am picking up the check and I don’t spend on wine like alan😜


For a white I would be very tempted by the Terlano Vorberg Pinot Bianco. For red either the 2016 Brovia Normale or the 2016 Ciacci Piccolomini BdM.

I would also note that the 2009 Rayas at $1800 is at least $600 below current market


I would recommend starting with a 50% off MV Krug bottle. That is going to put that bottle at about $140 or so. For white, I would go with the Terlano Pinot Bianco. For red, I would go with the Quintarelli Valpolicella 2014, or for a splurge, I would go with the Pepe 2000 or 1997 Montepulciano d’Abruzzo. Delicious wines!

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Such a deal! Shame I don’t care for CdP!

Where else can you find an ‘09 Rayas for less than 2 bottles of ‘09 Lynch Bages? Insane price for that ‘09 Lynch Bages (and ‘96 Montrose).

Rayas is closer to Burgundy than CdP.

White - 2019 Masseria del Pino Etna Super Luna
Red - 2019 Chappellet Cabernet Sauvignon Signature

Maureen, jeez I missed the 50% off bit completely. At $900 the Rayas is priced at approx 1/3rd retail. As Kris says much closer to burgundy in style. Stylistically it is a grand cru red burgundy made with Grenache.

This might be fun. I always liked his Clendenen Family wines and it would be a nice tribute to Jim Clendenen.

Some of the wines are just too young, especially the Burgundies.

Not sure what price range you are looking for after the 50% off but I would probably go with:
G.D. VAJRA ‘BRICCO DELLE VIOLE’ Barolo 2014 ~170

Has a little age and seems like it will drink well young and the 50% off gets it near its retail value.

SESTI Brunello di Montalcino 2016 ~270

For bubbly I’d like to try:

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G.D. VAJRA ‘BRICCO DELLE VIOLE’ Barolo 2014 ~170. At 50% off this is near retail, stays on theme (Italian), and is a good wine that drinks well even at this age.

given the date of the list, whatever it is, call ahead to confirm they have it.

Looking at the menu, I would potentially opt for the Charvin CNdP.

2011 DRC Corton $830

Those Collin champagnes are very attractive, maybe slightly above retail…if you could find them.

No way they are doing 50% on that and the '07 Ech. Expensive list looks a lot more interesting at 50% off.

topo chico $2 after 50% off

08 La Grande Dame $800
MV Krug $248

[wow.gif] [wow.gif] [wow.gif]

At those prices, I would go for a nice Manhattan or two. However, if compelled, the 2010 Fontodi Flaccianello.

Maureen, I would be surprised if you did not enjoy the 15 Giulia Negri Barolo Marassio. Burgundian styled Barolo from an exciting young producer. The Emidio Pepe Pecorino is a delicious and geeky white.