What To Get In Duluth MN?

Heading to Duluth. I will probably track down some Surly and Fulton if it is around but what are some others? Could pop over the grab some New Glarus.



Local brews: Bent Paddle and Castle Danger. For drinking in Duluth, Fitgers.

Other Minnesota brews that you should be able to find do indeed include Surly and Fulton. Try Fulton 300, if it’s stocked in a Duluth shop. Try Surly Todd the Axeman. Those are two that I don’t think you’ve had.

Awesome. Thanks Brad. Dang I almost flew in to Minneapolis to see a buddy and then make the drive since I’ve never been to MN. But this looks like a new potential stop for me, so we shall drink and dine if you are up for it.



Anytime! PM me with enough advanced notice.

I have been consistently unimpressed with Castle Danger. Bent Paddle’s solid, though. Oddly enough 2 weeks ago I found some TG Psuedo Sue in a liquor store in Two Harbors, so you never know what’s around. Canal Park Brewing only has a tap room as far as I know, but is worth a stop-in.

You could stop and say hi to my dad. :wink: He keeps quite busy, retirement isn’t really his thing. http://www.startribune.com/duluth-tries-out-new-tiny-house-for-homeless/374378181/

Fitgers has a solid operation. I haven’t had time on recent visits to contrast with the newcomers. Family tends to come first.