what to drink w/ these dishes

board noodles w/ rabbit, lentils and consomme

this one too:

Evoo poached beef tenderloin w/ arugla, tomato, shaved pecorino, and balsamic

WE had braised rabbit with Tagliatelle in italy… we served a barbera and barbaresco… plus alot of home juice… [cheers.gif]

I’d probably drink a 1er Cru or village red Burgundy with both.

I’d go with a No. Rhone for the rabbit dish – perhaps a Hermitage with a few years on it, or a younger St. Joseph or Cornas. I’d avoid a young Cote Rotie, but I could see an aged one working well.

I like Dick’s Burg. suggestion for the beef dish.

I agree with Paul for the rabbit. Anything from Piedmont is perfect…Barbera, Barbaresco, Barolo.
I also like Dick’s Burgundy suggestion for the beef.