What to compare to Bond or Hundred Acre at <1/4 price?

Was at a dinner with a friend a few months ago and he brought out a bottle of 2006 Bond (and I don’t remember whether it was Pluribus or Vecina) and it was remarkably good. Not my standard style, but remarkably good, and I go in for that bigness sometimes. I had signed myself up for their offering 4 years ago but was just so mortified by the prices that I’ve never bought a bottle. I just can’t spend $350 on a bottle. Or anywhere near that. At least not right now in my life. :slight_smile:

So, my question, for those who have had Bond wines (and Hundred Acre, for that matter, because I felt they were similar, and similarly out of my price range) - what would be a <$75 bottle of wine that you think would favorably compare in flavor, style and composition to those? I’m not interested in Cherry Pie or Matriarch. Looking for something that is truly comparable.


RM Panek, The Mascot, Lewelling Wight, Switchback Ridge.

Myriad cab. The regular one, it’s like $50 a bottle and it’s fantastic.

Pride Mountain; pick up a 2002…


Has anyone suggested…Altamura? [wink.gif]

+1 on Lewelling Wight
Outpost, Beau Vigne Juliet, Snowden is great but a different style from Bond and Hundred Acre

I was going to go with the RM Corona over the Panek. Although both are great, the Corona I think has the darker fruit profile found in the HA and Bond wines. Panek seems a bit more complex, red-fruited and florally.

VHR is another comparable wine at 1/2 the price, but at 1/4 the price, yeah, Rivers-Marrie (not that they need anymore hype, right?)

Anything under $50?

From Roots Run Deep Winery: Hypothesis at around $40.

Think Educated Guess’s big brother.


Thanks to all for suggestions. Just ordered some Altamura (also trying their Sangiovese and Negroamaro) and have been on the Pride list for a while but have never been offered any of their reserve bottlings. Signed up for Lewelling and Mascot but unsure when I’ll ever hear from them… Looking into the rest.

Rivers-Marie, if you’re listening, take me off your waiting list and send me some love…

Lewelling waiting list is likely long as well but you can find them on the secondary market (probably not the Wight for <75 though)

How much bottle age does something like the Altamura Cab need before it starts to strut its stuff?


Sorry I didn’t see this earlier. Hobel Cabernet is my first pick. Winemaker is TRB. Here’s the link to Cameron’s website.

While I love me some Hobel (2010 this past weekend), I do not think it is similar in profile to Bond in any capacity.

Carrie seems to agree with you Bill. Guess I don’t remember the Bond as well as I thought.

I had the 2010 Myriad Three Twins cab this weekend and it was as good a cab I have had in a while (ok, the 2008 Greer was a bit better, but twice the price). Next time the offer comes around, I will be taking my full allocation ( I think it was $65 or so).

Thread drift, but great, great wine. After killing a 6 pack, we just picked up another case, and I never buy anything by the case.