What the Romans ate: last supper Pompeii

Outstanding Mark. Thanks for posting.

Pompeii is an amazing place. When we went our guide showed us ruins of wine bars. bakeries and giant fish markets. Highly recommended if you are in the neighborhood.


I am in London now, but leaving today. So I will miss the exhibit.

Exhibit is in Oxford, not London. 1.5 hours away.

We spent a day in Pompeii last month. Very interesting day. Hoping to get over to see our daughter in Oxford before this exhibit is over.

I know, but might have been willing to travel. At least I will have time to see this one.


They actually make wines from grapes grown just outside the amphitheater. Made under license by Mastroberadino, it is both seriously rare, and quite good.

Called Villa Dei Misteri, there was a fair amount of research to use the ancient grapes. Profits I believe go to charity.