What the Heck to do with 3L of . . . [Plagued by Camus]

All advice considered . . . .

If a fire breaks out you are covered.

Or to start one…

Sell it to me for cost so I can flip it :wink:

Oh God!

Did you win that?

Well, based on the tasting notes on the board I’d say you’re all set for a pancake social!

Golf clap sir.

I think you mixed up your hand signals.

Cougar bait

That looks like a great candidate for a charity auction item!

I think that’s a great idea.

Build an outdoor deck…


Sell it to Waffle House.

I still don’t understand why so many people advocate ruining perfectly good pancakes and waffles. Geez, there are starving kids in the world, you know?

Couldn’t I use it to strip the aging varnish from my current deck?

I did that with a DM of ZD Chardonnay. Haitian Earthquake relief. Worked out very well.


Waste of good fruit : )

Put it away for 20 years and then see how the wind is blowing with it.

I think Caymus only made 116,000 bottle of the 3L.

Waste of cellar space : )

Man, I know we live in the first world, but all this wastefulness makes me sad.