What should I order at....l'Ami Louis...the place we love to hate

Here I am in Paris, and of course looking for restaurants. This time, I’m looking for more informal places…not the *** experiences.

Today for lunch I’m going to Violon d’Ingres, which a friend recommended.

Tomorrow, l’Ami Louis, which I’ve been to once before. I’ve bashed this restaurant lots, for various reasons. But last week, at a dinner at Minetta Tavern (a great informal place in NYC), a friend got me fired up about l’Ami Louis when he recited his favourite dishes there.

Now the issue is what to order. The roast chicken? Duck? It may be 2 of us, or it might just be me. Those of you who’ve been there, what are your fav things to order?

Let’s not get into a bashing thread here on l’Ami Louis…plenty to bash, but based on my buddy’s enthusiasm, I’m now looking forward to it. Give me some help here, guys—what to order?

Violon d’Ingres is very nice. The decor was revamped since my last visit, and seems more modern and streamlined, but less warm and sumptuous. Enjoy.

Last time I was there I had the roast chicken with potatoes. It was very good. If i recall it went nicely with a Montrose.