What producers are you suprised dont get more mention on WB?

For Burgundy I’d probably say Bruno Clair. The wines are great and you just never see them being discussed or anyone posting TNs.

For California I’d say Porter Creek. They make wines in a style that a lot of people like here yet they never seem to be discussed.

Handley and Quivera

Just based on what I’m drinking, I’ll say Navarro. I think the 2012 Anderson Valley Pinot is the best value PN I’ve ever had, and their Rosé of Grenache is my favorite Rosé. My daughter digs the Gewurztraminer juice too.

Saxum and SQN.

Myriad/Quivet/Ancillary - From outrageous goodness to outrageous customer service and all around great guy status you can’t beat Mike Smith wines. Even with the spin he gets I think it is too little.

DuMOL. Consistently solid wines, not stupidly priced, but rarely are they mentioned.

Serafin, Clair (already mentioned), Ampeau, Saint Martin, Romanée Conti. Kidding about the last one.

Jaffurs and Mazzocco.

Guy Charlemagne

Peter Michael

Miner Family Winery

I am personally fond of Alpha Omega


Domaine Daniel Rion et Fils

Domaine Leflaive


Santa Cruz Mountain Winery



bedrock–just kidding

how about Eric Kent; great cool climate pinots and syrahs at a great price


Pycm cause people still don’t know what it stands for.

almost all grower champagnes.

and pycm.

Eric Kent, fo’ shizz. One of the most consistently good Cali producers, IMO.
La Clarine
Forlorn Hope
Smith Madrone


as far as napa cabernet producers, I wonder why O’Shaughnessy does not get mentioned more often.

Bruno Clair has been mentioned - Wines are excellent, but prices are brutal.

Serafin - Gorgeous wines that somehow have become dismissed as “too oaky” or “extracted,” so no Burg fan on Berserkers will cop to liking them. Except Alan, who has serious street cred.

Navarro - the price they pay for tasting room/mailing list/restaurant only is that the wines aren’t widely exposed.

Calera, Daniel Rion and Spottswoode genuinely surprise me in their categories.

For me -

Burgundy - Fichet. Glantenay. T. Morey and the other side of the family V & S Morey. Voillot. Maybe Regis Fprey outside of Gaudichots discussions. Langoreau. T. Liger-Belair.

Evesham Wood in Oregon.

School House in Napa. Salvestrin and Seavey. Paradigm.

Champagne - Lilbert.

Drew, voillot, Rossignol.