What One Grape Do You Need To Buy More Of For Your Cellar?

I know many of us struggle to find the right balance in our cellars between age, varieties, favored producers, etc. Along these lines, what one grape variety would you like to add more of to your cellar?

For me, no question it’s Riesling. I have almost none (<2% of my cellar), it’s freaking delicious and relatively cheap.

What say you?

I agree with you on Riesling. I just picked up my first 2 bottles last week.

Nebbiolo. Still confused by Italian wine. Not for lack of trying, mostly because of the lack of opportunity for tasting, high price, and time to mature.

Nebbiolo. I’ve been primarily focused on cab, zin, and sangiovese for the last 2-3 years and am quite happy with my resulting cellar. But, I need to pay more attention to laying down some reasonably priced nebbiolo for a few years down the road.

Gewürztraminer. I am almost out.

I buy enough Riesling, then I drink it all.

I also wish I had more Blaufrankisch in my cellar. Great aging potential, food friendly fruit and acid. Low enough alc I’m not struggling the next day, etc.

I forgot to add Mourvèdre.

Pretty much everything not Pinot, Chardonnay, Cab or Zinfandel.


Nerello Mascalese, and more specifically, Etna Rosso

Gamay. Keep buying it but then drink it just as fast so my stash never increases.

According to cellartracker, my cellar is only about 49% Pinot Noir, so I would say I need more Burgundy.

Thompson Seedless, as it’s way cheaper than all those vinifera varieties I’ve been collecting.

Chenin Blanc

Grenache and Gewürztraminer

Shiraz, anybody?

Not the Aussified version, but a year ago my answer would have been Syrah. That has since been rectified, though I could stand to add some more.

Nebbiolo is currently in second place for me.

White and a little more pink.

funny. I never look at what I own in deciding what to buy. I may do that if buying a shirt or pair of pants but not wine. If it is a good deal and I like the wine, I buy it.

I’m good where I am:

Nebbiolo 43.0%
Riesling 8.5%
Petite Sirah 7.9%
Syrah 6.8%
Cabernet Sauvignon 5.9%
Red Bordeaux Blend 5.8%
Red Rhone Blend 3.2%