What one bottle would you buy at $600?

Ok, this 2014 Latour thread sent me to K&L to poke around bottles in the $500-$750 range. Is there anything really tempting? What would I consider instead of that ‘14 Latour? Or is my credit card really safe?

I think my top pick would be the 1970 Latour up for auction this week. Depressed cork so easy pass, but if I had to choose only one, that might get the nod.

What say you all? Pick one bottle at current market prices. Would you choose differently if you’re getting a 3 pack (i.e. for $1500 - $2250)? No cheating and saying stuff like “4 bottles of 1995 Pichon Lalande” (yum) or some other clever trick.

4 cases of De Negoce Merlot

Just purchased some Trotanoy 1998 for about that

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Haut Brion is my great love at the higher end of the spectrum. Looks like I could still get 86, 96 or barely 95 for under $600.

Or maybe 2014 Cheval Blanc

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91 Unico would work

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83 Margaux or Palmer

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There are fewer great deals for aged Burgundy in this price range but if I were spending this much I’d be hunting for them.

Older trapet are a pretty great deal, although prices have gone up in the last 12 months. I got a mixed case of 90-02 trapet for <300 a bottle last year and now it’s more like 4-600.

2001 Yquem

But 2014 Latour is certainly a strong contender

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Sorry, I’ll take the cheater option. I don’t see myself in a situation where I absolutely have to spend $600 on a single bottle, but if I’m mulling over wine acquisition and tempted by the Latour, I’m going to weigh it against a trio of Ducrus or a pair of LLCs or something like that.


On Valentine’s Day we opened a 2015 Colgin IX. Was one of the 2 best bottles of wine I’ve had in the last few years. Just a gorgeous, light elegance despite all its layers and power. Even though I have more left was considering buying additional bottles in spite of its current $600 price tag. The only other bottle I’ve also considered in that price range recently is a MacDonald cab. Not because I loved it- never tasted it- but would love to sample a bottle.

Off the cuff, a recent Arnoux – I can get a bottle of something for $600, right?? – if only to see how they compare to the old regime.

80s Ridge MB. Popped an 88 a month ago and it was incredible.

You might be able to get a bottle of the village wine for 600.

Wow! Seemed like just yesterday you could get it for $300. An amazing wine.

However, it should be noted that I am retired and on a fixed income, and, I have all the good wine I could ever want or need.
Best, Jim

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About the only bottle I’d pay $600 for is a bottle that I could sell for double. Other than that, nada.

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Not sure about the current price of the wine but I’m thinking it’s probably around $600/per and IF I was going to pay $600 for a bottle it would be 98 Cheval Blanc. It is already great and only going to get better.

HAHAHA just looked up on Winesearcher and see that its way more than that!!! Sorry. My second choice was going to be 96 Giacosa le rocche del falletto but that is $800 plus. Sorry I’m not up to date on current pricing. You can’t get monfortino at that pricing level but maybe a great vintage of Cascina Francia, should be way less than $600 and can provide an ethereal experience. Or get a magnum for your six benjamins