What Kind Of Varietal Does This Sound Like To You?

What would these flavors suggest I am drinking?

Medium plus weight cranberry, blood orange, matcha tea, cinnamon, cardamom, mint and hint of chamomile. The texture is fleshy and it has a fruit bowl kind of feel, very pure and delicious.

Any ideas?




Sounds like Occhapinti Frappato.


Right on for taking guesses, Robeerto and Michael. However, your guesses are both incorrect!


It does sound Italian, Sicily, maybe Nerello Mascalese



I’m guessing Pinot. Really no other reason than I always get distinct orange (rind, not blood) when I drink RM and I get cranberry somewhat frequently across producers.

Conceptually, Corey, you are close on your answer.


Gamay Noir?

my gut says Pinot Noir or something Italian. I see Pinot has already been guessed, and is not it, however. What vintage was this bottle, FMIII?

what tha heck is matcha tea, btw?



Graf, try this:

I guessed Frappato.

Valdiguié ?

If I win can I have some matcha tea? flirtysmile

Nero d’Avola

Also guessed Pinot prior to reading other comments.

Sounds like a Pinot nero or 11’ Sonoma Coast Pinot.

I’ll guess Cabernet Franc.

However, if I were to ignore Frank’s first descriptor of cranberry, I could easily conclude that he’s talking about a white wine.