What is your oldest open order at Premier Cru?

This is not a complaint, I like Premier Cru, they have been a great source of Rhone and Burgundy for me over the years, but they do sometimes take a while to deliver. I am wondering who has the oldest open order and how long it has been open. Mine is June 10, 2008 for 2 bottles of 2007 Climens at $144.99 each.

I don’t buy from PC because of this issue, even though I know they eventually deliver. My guess is 2008 will not be the oldest post.

Gotcha beat… March 14, 2008

I still have an order of 2000 Bordeaux futures coming…

Only kidding this place always comes thru from the reports I hear…

That didn’t take long! What is it (if you don’t mind sharing)?

guess I’m not the only one waiting on 07 Climens…ordered mine same day as you

Aug 12, 2011

Mine is Jul 22,2010
I don’t have a problem (I just wait)


I don’t think it’s like the old days, or at least I hope not. I waited about five years for a half case of 1994 Haut Brion. I must have called them 20 times and each time it was either just about to come in or they had just shipped out what they received… Of course they never called me to let me know it was there. They finally did deliver, though, and the wine is in great shape.

I rarely buy there now but I have one order to pick up. I tried a few weeks ago but found out you have to give them several day’s notice to find your wine! Not like shopping at K&L :slight_smile:

June 19, 2008 – 2004 Giacosa Barolo Falletto (which is funny, because this wine has been pretty widely available at the price I bought it for).

Other than that, though, I’ve had what seems to be very good luck with getting pre-arrival wines from PC quicker than i expect. My next oldest is from July 2010. I remain a satisfied customer.

Oct, 2009 - '07 CdP’s

I wouldn’t be surprised if they sell all wine at cost and make their profit on the “float”. Just read an interesting article on Costco in a similar vein. They sell what they buy (put on floor) within 2 - 3 days after delivery, on average and they get 30 days from their vendors to pay. Some smart people behind the scenes make this cash work for them for 28 days.

With PC maybe its taking them a little longer to generate their profit on the wine before they actually have to procure it! Crazy business model but us winos fall for it. Of course this is speculation.

June 15, 2007! 2006 Montrose

I am not poo pooing PC though - they gave me the option to exchange it for something in stock. They are very accommodating with good customer service.

Any chance you can cancel that order? [popcorn.gif]

please say it’s magnums…

Anyone have any beef with WHWC? I have an order outstanding from May, 2010, for Carillon BBM. This is my only purchase from them, and I am not too impressed so far. I buy quite a bit in Europe, so I understand the difficulties of shipping.

Discounting 2009 bdx futures (which no one could have delivered by now) May 2011.

I haven’t bought a lot from WHWC, but what I have purchased has come in as fast (sometimes faster) than just about anywhere else. Categorically different than the situation with PC, in my experience.

I hope your sushi isn’t going bad waiting for that! [snort.gif]

FWIW mine is 2004 Barolo purchases in 2008, though I haven’t contacted them about a fall shipment yet, so it may already be in their warehouse.

Order Date: Sep 4, 2007
Order No.: SO-0000275807
2005 Leoville Poyferre ($79.99)

Hardly obscure, wine-searcher tells me there are ~370 merchants carrying this wine at the moment. At least I only ordered a single bottle.