What is YOUR most recent wine purchase? (Part 2)

that’s where I got the 6 pack $97.97 per bottle. these were only available in Arizona and Florida

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it was after the Crush Wines offer for the 2022 Dauvissat Forest at $195.95 that I went looking to see where else it was available.

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2 x 2005 Ch. l’Evangile

3 x JL Jamet Terrasses 2014
2 x Gonon Saint Joseph 2021
1 x Gonon Les Oliviers 2021


12x Barthod Cras 18
3x Guillemot Serpentieres 19 (mag)

Insane. Darn, I live in Florida. Great snag!

6b Piper Rare 2008


7x 2014 VCC


2019 Terre Nere Etna Prephyllox


From Saratoga Wine:

3x JB Neufeld Cabernet Sauvignon Ciel Du Cheval 2018
9x JB Neufeld Cabernet Sauvignon Yakima Valley 2021

Thibaud Boudignon, Savennières Clos de la Hutte, 2015.

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3x Jardins de Babylone 2005

You know this wine or the pre-phylox sucked you in? If you know it, what’s your take on it?

I haven’t tried the 15!! Please post if you open one soon! :pray:

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You know me too well! :wink:

I have had it once, was a very unique wine. Wanted to try it again.


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For a couple of years, my great insider source has been quiet. He said that the cellars he used to buy had dried up, either going to auction or being offered at WS highs. Not the only one; a couple of friends who used to be in the business have all but given up.

Finally called me today with a few choice lots from a large cellar. I took a bottle each of Latour1982 and Pichon Baron 1990, both were pristine.


The plan is to open it soonish. Got a decent amount of the top 2019’s from Boudignon, so I wanted to try one with a bit age.

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3 x 2001 Chateau Trotanoy, Pomerol.

Love me sum 2001. Love me sum Trotanoy.


6x 2022, Domaine des Marnes Blanches, Savagnin En Quatre Vis.

1x 2020, Gonon, Les lles Feray.


lol I was going to bid on that but got busy at work