What is YOUR most recent wine purchase? (Part 2)

‘21 Henri Germain Meursault Charmes

Now it’s buying hiatus time.

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whatever, jerk…YOU MADE ME DO THIS

2020 Chateau Laroque
2016 Chateau Langoa Barton
2016 Chateau Ferriere

Also, when in NYC this week my wife and I absolutely loved a bottle of '18 Marie-Courtin Eloquence (we enjoyed it at Tokyo Record Bar, which used to be a Champagne ‘bar’, still has the fantastic Champagne list (well priced, too) but changing into something ‘cooler’ apparently) and I walked half a mile each way in the NYC wintery weather to nab the only remaining bottle at Flatiron Wines.

Now you need to dive into 2019!

Already did, and posted some time back, again, you cost me money!

6 x 2019 Pegau


Same here, but made the mistake of grabbing a magnum. Shipping charges for that Mag alone are…well, I’ll just say way too much.

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Shocking that I would have missed that. Or forgotten about it.

Squirrel :chipmunk: squirrel :chipmunk:

I have them hold until I acquire case lots before shipping!

Can you remind me how long they will hold, and about how much is shipping a case to the USA?

Not sure on limits to holding- I’ve never gone beyond a month or so- totals between $120 and $130 shipping on a case (there are minor storage fees that do accrue- never enough that I’ve paid attention). Takes about 10 days from notification of shipping to receipt at my door via local fedex.

Above is all based on my receiving three cases since Oct.
All bottles packed securely, individually wrapped in plastic, and as described in listings, etc.
There were some nice deals on Burgundy that is often more expensive stateside, though not as many recently.

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30 days. Additional days are peanuts though. I could look for actual charges.

Also, if ever you guys get 300 bottles between a bunch of you, I could get you maritime shipping rates :wink:.

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2019/2020 Jean-Marc Vincent
Santenays Gravité and Gravières


12 X NV Delamotte Blanc de Blancs (halfs)
4 X NV R. H. Coutier Blanc de Blancs
4 X NV Doyard Vendeimiere



6 x 2008 Pol Roger Winston Churchill
6 x 2012 Cristal


2x 1994 Dalla Valle Cab


6 x 2020 Stefano Amerighi Syrah Cortona
3 x 2018 Chateau Marsau

You’ve been on a tear lately. :berserker:

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That time of the year :slight_smile:

In for my realm BTK and wishlist rose and dr crane