What is YOUR most recent wine purchase? (Part 2)

broke down today with a 4 pack of Krug NV 171eme at a great price.


Influenced by you guys, a 2016 Chateau Les Carmes Haut Brion Pessac Leognan. Very excited to try it! But will probably wait a few years.

16 La Tâche Mag

loser :wink:

I feel like 2021 is your type of vintage…


2011 marques de murrieta castillo ygay
2020 Montrose (influenced by recent board discussions…also sons birth year).

Some 2020 Clos St Jean CDP vieilles vignes


In America, we say “looser”!

22 Grivot Beaux Monts

I requested 25 cases of different producers and cuvees and this was my entire allocation, lol.

Snagged the dregs of the Aubert release, luckily it was only a 3 bottle minimum, so snagged a few UV-SL I guess some people went lighter this year.

I thought it was “laHOO zaHER”.
Maybe thats in California…

Recent Burgs - mostly a Chablis spree. Been going crazy on Dauvissat lately. I know I know premox, but when Dauvissat is on its my favorite white wine producer :man_shrugging:

3 x 2020 Lafon Meursault Charmes
4 x 2022 Fourrier GC Aux Echezeaux
3 x 2022 Fourrier GC VV
2 x 2014 Fourrier Chambolle-Musigny
2 x 2020 d’Angerville Ducs
1 x 2017 d’Angerville Taillepieds
3 x 2019 Dauvissat Clos
4 x 2019 Dauvissat Forest
1 x 2019 Dauvissat Vaillons
2 x 2017 Dauvissat Vaillons
1 x 2016 Dauvissat Vaillons
2 x 2014 Dauvissat Forest
1 x 2012 Dauvissat Forest
2 x 2012 Dauvissat Clos
1 x 2009 Dauvissat Clos
1 x 2020 Raveneau Valmur
1 x 2019 Raveneau Butteaux
2 x 2019 Raveneau MDT


Spontaneous buy, shopping for new years wines at my “local”(1 hour from home…)

Haven’t seen this in the wild for a looong time and it’s one of the few Bulles de Comptoir that I haven’t tried.
Gonna pop it a little later in the spring.

Happy new years to those celebrating


Holy jeebus.

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Definitely takin a month or two off :sweat_smile:

Jacques Picard Coteaux Champenois Son Palais 2020

Brother! Between Fourrrier and Dauvissat, I think we are on the same wine path. I have a big crush on the Dauvissat’s la Forest, had the 19’ last night with sushi.

Next time you are in the ATL, lets raise a glass.


That’s little horde of goodies should last a solid five weeks!

Take the weekend…see ya next week!