What is YOUR most recent wine purchase? (Part 2)

Which vintages?

After a lot of Burgundy buying late last year Jan/Feb came in hot with Berserker Day and all my Willamette offers… Probably more or less done with the Willamette for the year :sweat_smile:

6 x 2022 Walter Scott X Novo
4 x 2021 Walter Scott Cuvée Lucille
2 x 2022 Walter Scott X Saxa
6 x 2022 Morgen Long WV Chardonnay
6 x 2022 Morgen Long X Omni
2 x 2022 Antica Terra Botanica + 1 mag
2 x 2022 Antica Terra Ceras + 1 mag
2 x 2022 Antica Terra Aurata
6 x 2019 Kelley Fox Maresh Royal Ann Block
15 - 21 Kelley Fox Maresh SOB Vertical
15 - 18 Kelley Fox Maresh Red Barn Vertical


You win either way.

2022 Domaine Gramenon -
Cotes du Rhone La Sagesse
Cotes du Rhone Poignee de Raisins × 3
Cotes du Rhone Sierra de Sud
Vinsobres La Papesse

Raisins punches way above the $30 it costs

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2x 2016 Lucien Le Moine Clos de la Roche
3x 2014 Philip Togni Cabernet Sauvignon
3x 2019 Philip Togni Cabernet Sauvignon
2x 2021 Occidental Pinot Noir Bodega Ridge
3x 2021 Occidental Pinot Noir Cuvée Catherine Running Fence Vineyard
3x 2021 Occidental Pinot Noir Cuvée Elizabeth Bodega Headlands
2x 2021 Occidental Pinot Noir Occidental Station
2x 2021 Occidental Pinot Noir SWK
1x 2021 00 Wines Chardonnay EGW
1x 2021 00 Wines Chardonnay Freya Hermann Cuvee
1x 2021 00 Wines Chardonnay VGW

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Got these at a pretty a decent price ($69.11 all in). Big thanks to my S.O. for lugging this across the Atlantic during her trip. :kissing_heart:

Romain Henin Champagne Grand Cru Blanc Comme Neige Extra Brut

Romain Henin Champagne L’Appel de la Fôret Extra Brut


There’s love, and then there’s lugging not a bottle or two but an entire CASE of Champagne across the pond…


Definitely appreciate her effort. She is no slouch though, being a national champion powerlifter. :slight_smile: :smiley:

If I may ask, where were you able to source these for that price in Europe?

A six pack Les Carmes Haut Brion 2020. A rebuy after tasting a bottle. I found it impressive and very complex

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Hmmmm. I didn’t recall you previously liking the changes to this estate. I’ve been looking at the 2020 as well.

I thought the 2016 was interesting, but 2020 is a much more of a complete wine.

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Damn you, Mark! Damn you to Valhalla!

You have now caused me two violate two more open declarations!

Just grabbed 2 bottles of the 2020 LCHB.

I’ve become a savage, an animal.

  1. Violated Dry January goal in 23 hours
  2. Violated no more young wines pledge
  3. Violated my “2019 Bordeaux is my last vintage” pledge*
  4. And worst, I bought this from B21!!!

I blame you. @ToddFrench will be pissed, and of course, very very surprised that I lost such strength of willpower.

*Of course, I also said 2014 was last, then 2016 was last, then 2019 was last.

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I still have not received any offers for '12 CdC mags, but I got an offer for a 3L and pulled the trigger. Perfect size for a party.

2x NV Charles & Philippe Brand Solera Vin d’Alsace
1x 2019 Domaine Sylvain Pataille La Charme aux Pretres Bourgogne Aligote
1x 2021 Domaine Guion Borgueuil rose
1x 2022 Louis Claude Desvignes Morgon La voute Saint Vincent

With a lot of sweaty, smelly Vikings?!

No wonder they drank mead rather than wine. The aromas of wine would have been lost.

So as bad as it will be spending eternity with nothing but warriors in need of a good bath, I can’t even drown my sorrows with Bordeaux. Why don’t you just go the whole way and sentence me to only drink Caymus 40th anniversary, and all subsequent iterations?

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I’m right there with you. Dry January lasted a week, busted my BD budget, still sending orders in to my local wine monger, etc. I’m horrible.

Yeah, SUPER surprised! You are literally the benchmark (or, shall I say, BenchFrench?) of strength and willpower, a rock.

I so wanted to send them business, but their BD 15 offer was so lame!

Yea it really was

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