What is you most recent wine delivery that you forgot that you bought?

What is your most recent wine purchase is an interesting thread, I suppose, but a more interesting thread is "What wine just showed up that you forgot you bought?? Last week, I made arrangements for the delivery of a case of wine that I had bought at auction. The auction house asked if I wanted them to deliver the other 6 bottles I had bought. Surprised that I had been the successful bidder on some old Rioja that I had forgotten about, I said yes. The delivery was today. The case I remembered, the 6 bottles of Rioja I had forgotten about, and 12 more bottles that not only I, but the person on the phone, had forgotten about.

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This is potentially a great thread. I do think it should require adding in how long ago the wine was purchased - if under 6-weeks and your forgot about it, this should be moved to the ‘signs of old age’ thread over in the asylum.

2019 Gilbert Picq Chablis VV.
The 6 pack was delivered to my office, I purchased it pre arrival and then forgot about it completely

I don’t remember!

This week? [berserker.gif]

I don’t enter any pending orders into CellarTracker, so surprises happen all the time.

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yep. I three times bought a case of Boillot Corton Charlemagne 2011, forgetting each time . . .

Then the credit card bill arrived?

Actually, just got an e-mail from Domaine that they are preparing to transfer a shipment to STL from Thatcher I bought two months ago. Just some 2012 Emrich-Schonleber Halenberg GG and 2019 Keller Silvaner Feuervogel I forgot about…

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months apart . . . don’t read it carefully enough and it didn’t list the wines, just the $.

Naturally we all can relate; thousands in wine charges aren’t even worth reconciling!

How about a thread for most recent thread you forgot existed?


a mag of 2014 Hubert Lamy St Aubin Frionnes showed up this week (local del’y)

By the way - I opened one of the six bottles of 1970 Rioja. Slightly corked. REALLY annoying because I could taste the fruit behind it.

Ridge Estate Wines - showed up last week. It doesn’t happen often as I’m pretty fastidious about entering pending into CT but when it does, its always a nice surprise. I’ve never had random wines show up that I wasn’t happy about. Now wines that I’ve been gifted…


Unless someone is sending me free wine I never have this problem. [scratch.gif]

How about the opposite? I listed what I wanted from the last Carlisle offering, entered all the wine as pending in Cellar Tracker. Then wondered why I did NOT get a shipment. Went through the emails - nothing from Carlisle. Went through the credit cards - nothing from Carlisle. Apparently I did absolutely everything for this order other than clicking the buy button! What a dummy.

Preemptive inventory…I love it!


I discovered in an old email this spring that Chambers Street had a bottle of 1982 Negri Valtellina - Sassella - Le Botti d’Oro sitting there for me that I’d ordered last year.

As this crowd goes, that’s small potatoes, though.