What is the best Champagne or sparkling wine under $40

I wrote about the improvement of Veuve orange in a different thread, and realized that there was an interesting underlying question. So as we approach the holidays, what will you be looking at as the best bang for your buck?

I am not disciplined enough to answer “best” or “favorite” questions. But at or below $40, in the more or less recent past I have bought and love:

Paul Bara rose

Philipponnat Champagne Brut Non-Dosé

2008 Franck Bonville Champagne Blanc de Blancs Brut Grand Cru Millesime

Henri Goutorbe Champagne Cuvée Prestige

Agrapart 7 Crus (although this is becoming increasingly hard to get under $40)

Delamotte Le Mesnil

For less than $20 the Lucien Albrecht Brut Rose’ Cremant d’Alsace has been pushing the right buttons for us this fall.

Huet petillant.

In my market none of Neal’s picks would be under $40, and maybe not $50. However, if I can find Agrapart 7 crus at that price it is the winner IMO. I was also thinking Huet as it is widely available under $30 and generally excellent.

I recently enjoyed very much a Legras NV that I purchased for $30.

I like NV Eugene Carrel & Fils Methode Traditionelle Brut, Savoie, France $18.89


I had the last bottle of this wine available in my market about 4 years ago. I loved it. Saved the bottle as a reminder to track more down but there have been zero back in the market. But still keeping the bottle and will keep seeking this wine out. Tried other Cremant Rose in the mean time but none were half as good.

A. Margaine Brut Cuvee Traditionelle.

Duc de Romet Brut Prestige was respectable at $30 last week. Interesting Champagne, I understand it is all pinot noir and pinot meunier.

Non-Champagne: Belluard Mont Blanc
Champagne: Depends what’s on sale at the moment, but Launois Quartz for $39.99 at K&L is tough to beat.

Savart @ $37
Agrapart Terroir @ $41

Aubry NV Brut can be very good, and I bought case recently for $30.75/bottle. I am big fan of Agrapart 7 Crus as well.

That said, there’s been a some bottle variation in the case (though all are the same disgorgement date). Still a good deal though.

For <$20, I was really impressed with the 2010 Argyle Brut from Oregon. Roederer Estate Anderson Valley is always good value, though it can be a bit sweet for some.

A digression, but I am still a bit puzzled by some Champagne names/labels (I admittedly have not been a big fan until fairly recently). See above: some are self evident, but do other labels suggest a vineyard designate or reserve bottling? Specifically, is the “Delamotte Le Mesnil” different than the Delamotte NV Brut I see for sale? What does “Grand Cru” and “Millesime” mean in the Bonville name?

Any guidance much appreciated.

Good choices, though tough finds at under $40.
I’ve been drinking a a lot of Bonville lately. The Millesime is usually around $45-50 but is my favorite bubbly in the $30-50 range. Also, probably just above $40 are the Billiot Grand Cru Brut NV, and the P.Peters Resreve Brut. I’ve also been drinking the Roederer Brut Premier as it was on a good Costco sale around $35. The recent release seems to be a good one. Ditto the Gosset Excellence at under $35.

Has anyone had the Equinox sparkling out of the Santa Cruz Mountains? I have never tried it but it gets some praise on the down-low.

Second on the Bara Rose, but I haven’t been able to get the Bara rose under 40. I like the Delamotte brut, not sure if its the same as Neal’s Delamotte le mesnil.

I’ve liked Clouet silver brut, Delamotte brut, Tendil & Lombardi’s blanc noirs, Jacquart brut and rose. I’ve also liked Taittinger la francaise if you can find it under $40.

I’m not 100% certain but I think yes, the Le Mesnil is from one area whereas the NV could be from multiple

The Grand Cru refers to the vineyard or vineyards that make up the wine. “Better” than Premier Cru.

“Millesime” just means it’s vintage, in this case 2008, a great one, buy up.

Delamotte makes both a brut (all three grapes) and a BdB. The brut is available right now, here, for $40

and is listed on winesearcher at a dozen or more places for $35 or less. The BdB can be had for ~$45

As far as one that is available widely for $25-30, including at many supermarkets, the Nicolas Feuillatte Brut Reserve NV (the one with the blue label) is a good Champagne.

Question: as someone who tends to like yeasty, doughy, rich styles of Champagne more than the really lean, chiseled types, do any of the recommendations above sound like more of a stylistic match for me?