What Irish Whisky Are You Drinking?

Currently I’m drinking Midleton Very Rare Barry Crockett Legacy and Green Spot. The Barry Crockett Legacy is the finest Irish I’ve ever had, with a finish that lasts forever. Unreal.

Middleton for special occasions and Powers John’s Lane for general drinking

Have been a big fan of Bushmills 10 and redbreast 15 recently.

Ones I have and enjoy:

Redbreast 12 and Lustau finish
Tyrconnell 10 Madiera finish
Powers Gold Label and John’s Lane
Glendalough 7 year single malt
Green Spot

Redbreast 15 which I like for its punch of snappy green apple with the rest of its lovely rich flavors and silky smoothness.

Yellow Spot which I like for its malty toffee richness. Pretty different in style, but I like both quite a bit.

wait, no one is drinking proper12?

I came here too, just for this.

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Midelton is certainly the cream of the crop.

I really like the Redbreast stuff and I am also a fan of Bushmills.

I find the West Cork line to have pretty good value.

There is a slew of new stuff coming out but if it’s a brand from an actual distillery it is probably relatively young. I definitely suggest doing some research before jumping in to something you don’t know, especially if it’s a little older and more expensive.

LOL. “Largely free of serious flaws.”

Have you tried any of the Waterford products? Curious on how they are but hesitant to try based on the price.

I have not had anything from Waterford but the whiskey freaks I know are gushing over them.

I heard it’s kind of blah.

Anyone… anyone?

Yellow Spot tonight - my favorite of the lineup (have not yet tried to new cask strength Blue Spot)

This is smooth!


I have Powers Gold in the house. My wife brought home a 375 from a trip to Ireland. It’s ok. I prefer RedBreast 12, but this bottle has just a few shots left.

I’m open to replacement suggestions?

Opening up my bottle of Blue Spot tonight to celebrate at home.

Redbreast 12yr. cask strength.

I just finished a bottle of Yellow Spot. Love it. There’s so much citrusy goodness alongside savory, aged notes. I will definitely replace that one at some point.

I was fortunate to try Teeling 28 once. That’s by far the best I’ve had (including Midleton), but I don’t think it makes it to the US, and it’s out of my price range.

Had Redbreast 12 for the first time on SPD and was impressed. Also enjoyed Yellow Spot in the past.

Been flirting with a bunch of new Irish whiskey releases…to see what my preferences are

The Busker Releases
Hinch Releases