What happened to the search function?

i only see a wine searcher function…

there should be an easier, quick search function. no?


Look at the top menu (right under the Wine Berserkers logo). Search is smack in the middle.

i know that function exists but wasnt there a quick function on top of wine talk before?

Todd removed the Google search function because it was pretty useless and causing confusion. The board’s built in search function (that Jorge mentioned) is much better. There’s a discussion in the “Idea Pitt” thread pinned in The Asylum.

Questions answered - I come in here, and my job is already done. flirtysmile

True on all counts - the Google search used a different formula for searching, not a true index. The ‘Search’ button on top is the built-in engine and is far more accurate, and flexible.

All part of the community! grouphug