What glass for Champagne, and why?

(again, some questions for both Richard, and the community at large) [cheers.gif]

Are the tall and narrow Champagne glasses worthless, or do they serve a valuable purpose?

What type of glass do you prefer to drink your Champagnes from, and why?

Does your preference mirror that of others in and around Champagne?


He’s got a blog where he addressed this question a bit, you might want to look it up. As I recall, he liked the Riedel Pinot XL for the rose, and the Riedel Riesling for the “regular” cuvee.

I have the Zalto White wine glass, which is a lot like the Riesling, and I really like Champers out of them.


Dear Brian & Mike,

I have indeed already addressed these questions in my blog, with two blog entries: Riedel Pinot Noit Vinum XL and Of Wine Glasses. However if you have more precise questions I will be happy to answer them.

Best regards,