What Fruit Eau de Vie Are You Drinking


Is it just me or does anyone else have it bad for fruit-based eau de vie? I am surprised I don’t see more posts on it here given that it is the spirit that most closely resembles a wine profile next to grappa.

Unlike grappa, however, eau de vie is not made from leftover fruit (neither is the highest quality grappa either but that is another thread). My first taste of eau de vie was a classic Poire Williams from France. It just blew me away with the depths of its aromas.and flavours, as crystalline pure as a.spirit can get.

I have since acquired some pear and apricot eau de vie from Austria which research shows is big into fruit brandy and some frambroise and mirabelle from France aka raspberrry and yellow plum. I have been disappointed by some Polish kirsch which lacked any cherry flavor and Italian plum brandy which lacked plum flavor but will be trying French versions soon. I am willing to givet the Italians another shot with Poli’s versions of raspberry and pear brandies. Poland not so much. -_-

I am currently sipping a half-bottle of Labbe Cherry Rocher Poire Williams eau de vie. Beautiful stuff. So what fruit brandy.are you all sipping on right now?

I’m not a big consumer of these, but it’s pretty easy to say that when it comes to the category, it’s go Reisetbauer or go home. I’m fortunate enough to see Hans and taste his wares 1-2x per year at the Michael Skurnik supplier tastings.
The ultimate in hedonism is equal parts ginger, carrot & raspberry in the same glass.

For affordable stuff, I shop local. Harvest Spirits from Valatie NY and Warwick Valley winery & distillery make a nice array of affordable apple, pear, peach, cherry & raspberry eau de vie, oak aged brandies, & liqueurs.

Schosser Heidelbeergarten Apfel aus dem Kastanienfass!


i agree with Brent about Reisetbauer. The only eau de vie that comes close in my book is G. Miclo “Coeur de Chauffe” Framboise Sauvage. Fauchon used to sell it under its private label in Paris. Unfortunately for me, it isn’t sold by Fauchon anymore or by anyone in the US. Fortunately for you, the SAQ shows it for sale on its website.

Have you tasted Reisetbauer’s Blue Gin? Incredible stuff.


Thanks for reminding me, I am out of Blue Gin!

It’s always been a favorite and he changed the price point a couple of years ago so at a $35-40 retail price point it’s right there with any other top gin.

The Schosser eau de vie lineup Roberto mentioned looks pretty killer as well, but it looks like they have a CA importer so it could be a CA only or west coast thing. Skurnik is in almost every if not all of the lower 48 so I would expect Reisetbauer to be in most major metro areas. However, the price points are painful.

I am no expert but other solid staple brands which are affordable include Trimbach, Massenez, & Pasquet.

First, sorry about the repeat post, smartphone accident. Second, thanks for all the tips especially on the G. Miclo. I must pick that one up next visit to Montreal.