What do you think is in LeBron's cellar?

Gotta say, doesn’t really look like a label chaser’s collection.

is Bron known as a “label chaser”?

Corison, PYCM and Mayacamas certainly do not qualify as label chasing.

It looks like a really nice selection that one can buy if the funds are available. Actually only the Sassicaia really falls into that camp, and not in a major way.

he drinks a ton of cult cab. He posts photos on his IG story of Colgin/Eagle/Harlan pretty often. He drinks a lot of Sassicaia too cause of Melo.

Who is LeBron?

(… ok, ok, just googled it, now I know, but does it really matter ?)

What does Messi drink? :wink:

I grant you Mayacamas and Corison, but PYCM is absolutely label chasing in many circles.

He could buy and sell everyone on this board. The fact that he is drinking a number of wines we recognize as excellent quality, but not outrageous, is A-OK. Just nobody get him hooked on Red Burg, please!

I remember during the beginning of the end of Rudy, there was a fake Rudy twitter account. Lebron was one of the first accounts to follow it. I wouldn’t be surprised if he follows WB.

“What does Messi drink”
I bet, whatever it is, it was bought tax-free :slight_smile:!

I have seen instagram pics of him enjoying Vega Sicilia Unico with his family…

But I would have expected L’Ermita or Achaval Ferrer :slight_smile:

The one comment shown under his IG post is pretty funny.

While that may be the case for you and me, that is absolutely incorrect.

I care to follow Lebrons wine selection as much as I care about WS top 100 picks

I have no idea (and don´t care at all) - but I know what Prohaska drinks
(but you don´t know Prohaska …!)

OK…have it your way…almost everyone on this board.

Check out this video from Lebron’s media company “Uninterrupted” where he hangs out in a barbershop with some other athletes/celebs talking about life. They start things off by cracking open and sharing a bottle of 1982 Latour (identified casually a little before 1:00 on the video).

Can you imagine the amount of hair flying around that shop that is getting into that glass of 82 Latour?! No thanks, I would never want to drink a fine wine in a busy barber shop!

The soprano or the soccer player?

Herbert? Come on, everyone knows Schneckerl!