What Do You Say To Some People, Part 2

So a woman comes into the store this afternoon and she looks very much like an old customer of ours we haven’t seen for a while. Too young to actually be that customer and too old to be that customer’s daughter. She greets me warmly and the moment I hear her voice I know that it is our old customer, just looking at least 15 years younger - the result, I’m sure, of some very well done plastic surgery.

What’s the protocol in that situation? Do I complement her on her youthful appearance or do I keep my mouth shut?


“Wow, been awhile since we’ve seen you in here…You look great” or similar. No need to say “did you have plastic surgery” etc. Just compliment her on how she looks if you want to and it’s appropriate.

Note… “You look great” NOT “You look younger” or “Damn, you don’t look as old as you used to…”

“How much did you pay for those?”

“WTF happened to you?”

(Actually, I agree with the “You look great”)

Does she drink Rombauer? Mollydooker?

“Good to have you back. What are you drinking these days?”

(just hope she still has some coin to spend on wine!)

That’s a very good point. Maybe I should have asked for the name of her plastic surgeon -I’m sure he/she has plenty of money to spend on wine!

ID her