What do you know about Secreto?

I had this cut of Iberico pork at a restaurant in Anaheim prior to the COVID shutdown. It was served with fennel shavings and a Banyuls reduction. It was delicicous. I’ve done a far amount of research but have found very few sources or preparations. Anyone have any experience with this cut?

I can’t say I’ve ever cooked it with more than salt and pepper but I order from here

Secreto and Presa are exquisite. Nothing else needed apart from a hot flame and a tad of salt, like Robert says. The tapa bar across from my condo in Almeria has it daily. It is my daughter’s go to apart from Chipirones.

Almeria!! A big picture of Almeria should be shown when anyone mention “TAPA”. Have an apartment right on Zapillo beach.

About secreto I’ve to say that is one of my favorite cuts from the pork in addition to the presa. As you said just a pinch of salt crystals (a good one) is enough to enjoy it.

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it is a fatty pork cross between a skirt steak and flank. best quick seared and sliced.

Considering Almeria was the Capital of Gastronomy for 2019 ABSOLUTELY.

Name your top 5 Restaurants and top 5 Tapa Bars I mean that is super easy considering how many there are

El Bello Rincón
La Gruta
Club de Mar de Almeria
El Rincon de Juan Pedro - best guisos
Terrazas Almadrabillas

Tapa Bars
Casa Puga
El Quinto Toro
Taberna Andaluz **That is right below my place so it gets an in.
Bar Nevada
All the cluster of Tapa Bars in the callejon cerca de la Puerta Purchena.

And definitely don’t overcook it! Treat it like a steak and cook it medium-rare or maybe a little more, at most.

I have one in my freezer for a special occasion. Grilling is my favorite way to prepare it.

For Bay Area folks, Golden Gate Meat Co. sells Iberico secreto for the lowest price per pound that I’ve found. You have to call to ask them to order it.