What did you cook tonight?

Salad was so refreshing (gems, gorg/feta/almonds w/ light vinaigrette ) and the wine pairing was off the hook. Didn’t take BD Flannery ribeye pic but I like ribeyes more on the medium side. Salt only and dried in the fridge for 2 days before a reverse sear and crust over the grill flames.

Super Bowl, Buffalo Wings, what else?

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Mechanically seperated chicken and pork, salted and lightly scented with paprika, all emulsified with a sweet kiss of high-fructose corn syrup.

Commercially cured with sodium nitrate, and molded in a cellulose casing which was then peeled prior to packaging to produce a uniformly skinless tube with a subtle snap.

They were fork roasted over foraged arborvitae to a glistening perfection by a six-year old. Sliced continental-style and consumed without dressing.

A super bowl needs super wieners.


Buffalo wings building on Kenji’s recipe. These definitely lead to a juicier yet crispier wing!

Broke down the wings and salted them on Friday. Saturday par-fried them (225f for about 45 minutes) until they were tender. Sunday fried them up proper (before frying, I cold-smoked about half of them; about 2 hours of beechwood). 400f oil for about 8 min. Tossed in a mostly-classic Buffalo sauce (1 cup Franks, 1 stick of butter, couple dashes of Tobasco).

Paired with a homemade blue cheese dressing (blue cheese, mayo, sour cream, some garlic).


Super Bowl!


Those look amazing!!!

Tomato season in full swing here. This balsamic is sooo good btw!


My family and I took a tour of the Giusti facility in 2019. Highly recommended if you’re ever in then Modena area.

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Tomato season!

Different hemisphere.


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Potatoes, onions, cornichons, and raclette.
Next time I would use 2x the raclette.

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Grillades and smoked Gouda cheese grits for the work crowd.
(Qualifies as it was prepped last night and cooked while I slept)


Oh man do I ever miss grillades and grits. Happy Mardi Gras Milton!

Happy Mardi Gras. I should make them more often.

Biscuits and sausage gravy


One of my all time favorite breakfasts. Which means good for eating any time of day.

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Duck breast (skin was very nicely crispy, breast a bit over but still tender). Mission fig sauce. Asparagus with olive oil, miso ginger glazed carrots and potatoes sautéed in bacon fat.


Flannery NY, Parmesan crusted potatoes, zucchini with crispy shallots. Turned out pretty good.


Those potatoes look great (and the rest, too). What’s your method?

It a little embarrassing to admit I saw these on Insta and found someone’s recipe which I modified. Cut potatoes in half and par boil till you can stick a fork in without too much pressure. Drain and score the cut side with a knife. Toss with EVOO, S&P, and garlic powder. Oven at 425. Mix grated parm and melted butter for form a paste and spread on bottom of a baking sheet. Place potatoes cut side down and back for ~20 min. Let rest for 10 min so the crust hardens and use a fish spatula to lift off pan. They were pretty good. Better than the first time I made them.


BD drunken A5 wagyu from Papa Wagyu. Seared then torched, brushed with ponzu, some topped with uni and all with caviar from the Papa BD order.