What did you cook tonight?

Pastitsio! What a fun dish to make :slight_smile: I didn’t quite wait long enough after I pulled it from the oven to get the perfect slice as my bechamel ran a bit and obscured my meat sauce layer but it was freakin’ fantastic!


Still looks pretty damn great, Jared.

Jared where did you get that recipe for your Pastitsio?

Thanks Jason! It was pretty darn good :slight_smile:

I originally saw it on TikTok done by the Notorious_Foodie and instantly wanted to make it. I then watched this video:

Pretty much followed his recipe but instead of using bucatini, I wanted to use the traditional Greek pasta so went to Amazon and bought Pastitsio pasta No. 2. Looks like the brand was Misko.

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Starting to get cooler, felt like a good shrimp and grits night.

shrimp, honeynut squash, mushrooms, ground cherries, feta, chili crisp

September on the east coast is a sleeper pick for my favorite food month - fall veg like the honey nut squash are coming in, but we still have tomatoes and fresh herbs. This dish is a nice example of the season combining the squash with the last of the ground cherries from my garden. Also I made the puree in advance on a day off so this whole thing only took about 15 mins to prepare


I thought this was sweet cherries and was trying to fathom that. My better half throws chopped Montmorencies in some random recipes.

Jasmine rice, steelhead and brocolli in a yuzu/miso/chou hou marinade.


1.5kg A5 Miyazaki chuck roll for Saturday family dinner at home. Some good sake certainly didn’t hurt.


That looks SO GOOD!!


Thanks! It was good (if I do say so myself). Not that I did much but assemble it. I used the house sukiyaki sauce of the importer/distributor of the Miyazaki beef. Dinner was after a round of golf; but, I ate so much I had to take a 30-minute walk after to aid digestion.

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These crab cakes are from a ‘recipe’ from one of the newer Batalli cookbooks, which are 95% garbage. The only useful advice this proffered was ‘avoid breadcrumbs for the filling, which should be all crab’ but that is at odds with the way most restaurants make crab cakes/balls nowadays.

They came out pretty well despite being made with low end ‘special’ grade Indonesian crab, rather than Maryland jumbo lump which would be the first choice. And this had the benefit of seasoning my iron skillet which has one flaky/sticky spot.


I wanted to make a tomato tart before tomato season ends and there were some great ones at the farmer’s market. Instead of rose, opened a Tercero Nouveau Mourvedre (carbonic maceration) and it paired really well.


Looks delicious.

I don’t know if I mentioned before that I used to think I made a great Lasagna. Turns out I didn’t until I did this recipe. I had made a fundamental and common mistake; thinking a Lasagna is a cheesy dish, when in fact it’s a béchamely dish. I’d throw ever more cheese at it, instead of realizing that I should have thrown white sauce at it.

Today, there’s a misguided life before this recipe and one after where everything makes sense. This recipe changed my life. Maybe it will change yours, too. :+1:


Banh Mi night again, still working on the rolls. Lemongrass/garlic/coriander pork for the protein.


Late in posting, but brisket and pork belly burnt ends.

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The only recipe I use is one from Donald Link. He barely uses any binder and certainly no bread crumbs. It’s almost entirely lump meat. It’s a delicate recipe and takes some practice as they fall apart quite easily, but he goes out of his way to state that that’s the point. I only make them about once a year but they are damn good.