What did you buy from SVD Library release at Rochioli?

What a nice surprise in the mail yesterday (especially after a tough day). Library release from Rochioli including mags!

Picked up:

Mag of 03 East Block Pinot
2-05 River Block Chards
1-03 River Block Pinot
2-04 River block Pinot
1-05 Three Corners Pinot

Very nice! I’ve had all of those wines from Rochioli and feel that they are all very, very good. The 05 River Block chard is an amazing bottle of wine… as is the 03 East Block… nice score dude!

Interesting … did these go out to everyone on the mailing list? Hard copy only? E-mail?


Thomas: Agree the 05 River Block Chard is outstanding. That was my first year making the SVD list and only got 2. Looking very forward to receiving these 2.

Tom: Based on my conversation with the winery. Only coming via snail mail.

Enzo: Winery said, owners are selling some of their library as they considered how much they are going to drink and determined had too much. Heard, not much was offered of some. Maybe a bottle or 2. Others more. Earliest vintage offered was 1999. What was nice, was the pricing, same as last release. Certainly less, or at worst, on par with current auction prices.

Good info. Thanks for the heads up!

This weekend, a 2003 Rochioli Rachael’s Chardonnay showed extremely well! White wine of the night in a flight next to a 2003 Aubert Quarry Chardonnay and 2004 Walter Hansel Chardonnay.

Anyone have experience recently with 1998 Rochioli SVD Pinots?