What did I get here....

I ordered some wine a while ago from a friend-recommended supplier based on the seller’s notes. The order was supposed to be 2019 Domaine Marc Roy Marsannay Les Champs Perdrix but I instead got 2016 Buisson-Charles Bourgogne Hautes Coutures Chardonnay. The switch was due to what the seller said was the “demise” of the original bottles. Accidents happen.

I can’t find much info on the Buisson wine at all.

The original wines were priced at $59 each with free shipping but the substitutes can be found in the low $40’s. I’ve emailed them about the price discrepancy and what to do if I don’t like the Buisson wines. I was more than willing to accept whatever I found with the Marc Roy wines based on their notes but not so much the Buisson wines. At a minimum the price difference should be refunded.

I’ll out the seller once some solution is reached, good or bad.

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We’re you informed of the swap prior to shipping? Did you accept the new wine?

Not informed at all. There was no way to refuse the wine. It was shipped. and dropped off by UPS.

Screwed? Totally unprofessional to make a substitution like that. Vintage substitutions are bad enough but a completely different wine…

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I have greatly enjoyed every Buisson-Charles wine ive had, mostly Chardonnay but also some bottles of Volnay. The Mearsaults they make are excellent.

The Soup Nazi is selling wine now?

It’s bad enough to make a swap without talking to you first, but then to sub a wine that is like 30-35 percent cheaper… Wow that takes some balls.

buisson charles makes excellent wines but that is not an acceptable substitution by any means.

Ask vendor for a 100% refund and packing slip or a partial refund based off the price difference if you want to keep the wine. If not responsive issue a charge back with your CC bank.

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I am sometimes amazed at the manner in which some businesses “do business.”

Just got an email and they offered a full refund and apologized for not contacting me before shipping. The original wines were delayed to to shipping issues early in the year of which I was warned about some time ago. Once I get the refund I’ll do a final update.

If it turns out I actually like the wines and think they warrant a $40 price tag I offered to send them a check.

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Happy ending which I never really doubted. Full refund on the original wines. I’m glad because they have a 2x a year shipments of Champagnes that I really like and would have hated to drop. Caveau Selections.

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I’ve had some minor mixups with Caveau that have been rectified following friendly communication. Glad you found a happy resolution as well.

Scott is a solid guy from my interactions with him back in the Scott Paul days. No doubt they would make it right.

Although Scott was not handling this issue, I’ve heard nothing but good things about him so a bad outcome never really crossed my mind.s

That’s crazy. I would definitely ask for a shipping label and full refund.

See above.

Thanks, I posted before I had read the outcome. I’m glad it worked out for you.

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