What Coffee Is This?

What coffee is this, and what is in it? Some friends went to Israel and brought this bag back as a gift. The coffee is good, but different. And clearly there is something else ground into it - slightly yellow and stringy. The coffee is also ground into almost a powder.

Anyone know what this is? Thanks in advance.

It’s a version of coffee found around most of the Middle East (aka Turkish coffee, Arabic coffee, Greek coffee, etc). Most have cardamom ground into the coffee and some have saffron threads (the yellowish threads you see).

You should track down a traditional pot with a handle and try you’re hand at authentic prep. Its gives you a small amount of sweet, syrupy coffee with the grounds settled at the bottom… probably not something you should try after 3PM if you’re at all sensitive to caffeine. [basic-smile.gif]

I’ve got one of the Italian stovetop espresso makers. Would that work, be close enough?

Thanks responding.

I believe Patrick is talking about an Ibrik. A moka pot (stovetop espresso maker) is completely different but it should also produce good results.

Yes. I’ve never tried making it so I don’t know how sensitive you must be to heat. Moka pots, siphons, etc. drive the water temp pretty high in order to work. High temps with such a fine grind may make it especially bitter. An ibrik would give you more control. Maybe a very small saucepan/butter warmer would be a decent first step as an experiment. If you like the results, an ibrik would probably be an improvement. They’re fairly easy to find not particularly expensive.

Thanks for the info. I live right between a Crate & Barrel and a Sur La Table - looks like I am going shopping tonight. I feel better about myself that I correctly identified the cardamon, but did not think about saffron being in the mix.

Now I am looking forward to tomorrow morning.

Struck out tonight. Looks like I’ll have to go through Amazon.

Sweet Maria’s is my go-to for most coffee gear: