what california beers to buy??

random question-I’m going to be in Napa this wknd for a quick fri->sun deal. For some winemakers I am going to bring some MI beers ie Bell’s 30th anniversary and Founder’s Breakfast Stout-they always seem to appreciate beer. Just wondering what beers I should buy there and bring back to MI. Pliny does not come here so I figure I’ll try to pick some up, probably some other RRV beers.

Any thoughts/Any thoughts where to buy?



Swami’sIPA from Pizza Port
Racer 5 from Bear Republic
Those are two I would look for, in addition to PtE

You’ll buy enough beer at RRBC that you won’t have space to bring anything home. :slight_smile:

Bear Republic also has Hop Rod Rye Ale and occasionally a Black Racer. They are available at most decent markets around the north bay. Brewery is in Healdsburg. Lagunitas is in Petaluma and at the brewery they offer things not always available in the stores. Lots of Lagunitas beers at stores here too.

Russian River beers - love them!! I’m not an IPA guy but any of the “ion” series beers - love them!

The Bear Republic one’s mentioned are really good - though I can certainly get them in SC, so you may have them in MI?

Some really good breweries in CA, just depends on what you can’t get back home.
Green Flash
Firestone Walker
Lost Abby
The Bruery

This lets you compare distribution by state:


(I have no affiliation and cannot attest to accuracy)

I’d add Alamanac to those already mentioned.

What Scott said. Make sure you’re definitely getting the stuff you can’t get where you live, it may not be a certain brewery as much as a specific beer.

Bear Republic has a half-dozen different beers available in bottles (22s & 12s). Couple smaller ones in the area with bottles are Hen House & Petaluma Hill. If you’re in the Santa Rosa area Bottle Barn and Rincon Valley Tap Room have good selections.
In Napa there is Napa-Smith Brewery.
Russian River Brewery, of course, is the main one. Pretty much available only at the brewery.

It’s been a couple years, but the Santa Rosa Whole Foods had a nice selection of RRBC when I was there. Not sure if they still carry it.

RRBC & more RRBC.


I like the Port Hop-15, as well.

Firestone Walker has great beer, but not sure it would make the “schlep in my luggage” cut. Same with Bear Republic (and I enjoy both).

RRBC for the win, especially the Blind Pig.

Henhouse is also in Petaluma. Love their Oyster Stout.

ended up with just a few bottles of pliny…I can see the hype-it is a very nice beer.

Did you stop by RRBC’s location in downtown Santa Rosa to get the Plinys? If so, next time you should pick up some Blind Pig as well.

Bought the pliny at a local mkt in calistoga, we didnt have time to make it to santa rosa