What Bedrock wine are you drinking tonight?

I saw it and cried since they were gone.

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I cried. That I stole it.

Tears of joy. Flowing profusely.


I ended up going in for a good bit of stuff: (@Rich_Brown )

1 x 2011 Monto Rosso Semillon Lachryma Monis ($72)
3 x 2007 Kick Ranch Syrah ($31 per)
2 x 2007 Old Lakeville Syrah ($36 per)
2 x 2008 Lauterbach Hill Syrah ($63 per)
5 x 2010 Bedrock Heirloom ($24 per)
1 x 2010 Pagani ($35)
2 x 2008 Bedrock #2 ($25 per)
1 x 2007 Rebecca’s Pinot ($25)
3 x 2007 Bedrock Vineyard Cabernet ($49 per)

The Oakville were dirt cheap, should have looked more closely, but glad @Robert.A.Jr snagged them


Dang you scored!!!

I’ve been drinking Bedrock for quite awhile, and even I had no idea some of these existed (r.g. old Lakeville and Lauterbach Hill)

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2008 Old Lakeville Syrah was my first Bedrock. Bought it via the Wine Train store, and then joined the list.


Wow, helluva score my friend!! I was able to snag some 07 pinot and cab, but was too late here on the West Coast to get any of the 2010s. Luckily i have a good bit already in the cellar but i for sure would have added more of the 10 Bedrock Heirloom and Pagani at those prices! Enjoy my man!! :cheers:

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As a naive East Coast guy I figured maybe this was only local shipping, only to find out late in the game that they’ll deliver up to New England. Got some scraps that I’m happy with. Thanks for the heads up!

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I went back to the well for more!

Just bought these:

2012 Pagani
2013 Pagani
2014 Pagani
2018 Pagani
2013 Monte Rosso x2
2013 Oakville Farmhouse - yay, they found more!
2013 Bedrock Heritage x2

AD, thanks for the tips man, these are great little finds! Bedrock matures so nicely.

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they found more Oakville! damnnnn

Those 2012/2013 wines are great, heyday of Pagani for the Bedrock guys to me


That 2012 Pagani was (is) a beast but in the very best way.


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One more 2014 Oakville at 39.99 in the cellar update email today (mine all arrived today already, otherwise would have gone back for it)

I did learn something in Bedrock lore though…the 2007’s actually had generic black capsules on the bottles!

Also checkout the bottles they used on the 2007 Bedrock Vineyard cab


Yep! 2007’s and 2008’s actually! 08 Bedrock Heirloom is my favorite wine that they’ve ever produced :cheers:

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My 08’s that came in today were missing them, but haven’t had the heirloom, only red #2

Maybe it got released first?

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Could be!

Either way, I’m still super jealous of the wines you snagged! Hit the Bedrock jackpot for sure my friend! :cheers:

AD like a pig to black truffle! Oink oink!

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I know you’re a dog person, but no white truffle for you. Need to develop that palate for Barolo, etc.