What are your favorite Chateau D’esclans Rosé Bottlings (**Edited to add my own tasting impressions**)

Of course I have heard of their “Whispering Angel”, but I have never tasted it. I recently became aware that they have a bunch of other Rosé bottlings in their lineup with some getting pretty pricey.
What are your favorites and what do you like about them? Thanks.

Whispering Angel and Rock Angel are pretty run of the mill. I found Garrus to be a pretty impressive wine when not viewed through the lens of a rose. If it was a white wine I think people wouldn’t bat an eye at the price, but given it is rose people tend to balk at it.

Rock angel is worth the small extra over whispering angel for me. Not tried the more expensive options.

I think Les Clans is an absolutely delightful wine. Barrel fermented, lots of batonnage, plenty of body and intensity. As @J_Dornellas said with the Garrus, if it was a white, I think people would rave about it.

Agree on Whispering and Rock. Assuming you are referring to flavour. Pricing, not so much run of the mill, Overpriced , aimed at label drinkers.

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I tasted through all of them in France a few years ago (IIRC the 2020s in early 2022). I thought Garrus was very good, but at an absurd price. I actually preferred Les Clans. But Rock Angel for me was almost on the same level and at a very fair price. I drink a lot of Rose, but simply won’t pay big bucks for any of it. If I was going to step up from Whizzing Angel (I don’t drink that; I drink the Provence Rose I imported for 35 years), it would be the small step up to Rock Angel.


Whispering Angel was really good up to ~2017.


There has never been a time that there has not been at least 1500 different rosés that were way better than anything made by Chateau D’esclans. This thread should have never been started and I am embarrassed by any association with anyone who drinks this wine.

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I agree about Garrus. I think it’s the best non-sparkling rosé I’ve had. Les Clans tends to be too oaky for me.

I originally posted the topic question to get some impressions from folks here about the Chateau D’Esclans lineup of Rose wines, which I knew nothing about. Thanks to all who chipped in. I had a chance to taste through most of the lineup last evening as part of a wine dinner at a local Boston restaurant, Davio’s Back Bay. The event was very well done. The food, wine, pairings, service, table companions and atmosphere were all topnotch. Good time!
As a very general theme, their Rose lineup varies by the grape variety blend of Grenache, Cinsault and Rolle (Vermentino), vinification in stainless steel or oak or some combination, and the average age of the vines.
I jotted down a few of my impressions and some random facts of each the wines during the evening. I tried to focus on the wines both alone and with the paired food. In the order tasted along with average USA Wine Searcher price.

2023 Chateau D’Esclans Whispering Angel ($26)
refreshing, not sweet, tasty blend of tart fruit and mineral, herbal finish leaves an echo of Provence
very appealing to me

2022 Chateau D’Esclans ($47)
notably drier, less emphasis on fruit, more mineral and herbal, almost savory, fairly complex, from average 25 year old vines, Grenache and Vermentino, 50/50 oak/stainless
my second favorite wine, and not far behind my favorite

2021 Chateau D’Esclans Les Clans ($102)
100% oak, 50-55 year old vines, different character to the wine, fuller bodied, complex, notable oak presence but in a well balanced way to my palate, aspires to be like a white burgundy (?)
my favorite wine of the evening

2021 Chateau D’Esclans Garrus ($140)
100% oak, ~100 year old wines, perfumed, and savory, more emphatic than the Les Clans, edgy/nervous mineral thread, well balanced, also with white burgundy aspirations, supposedly suitable for some aging (5 to 10 years)
my third favorite, well behind the top two

2023 Chateau D’Esclans The Beach by Whispering Angel ($17)
very simple, and a poor impression after the other wines
the only wine that I would not have again

So, I was quite impressed overall and even with the Whispering Angel. I was a bit surprised by this. I was also surprised that Garrus was not the standout wine for me. But that was my palate last night. Note also that if you look around you can do quite better than the average price listed on these wines.



That’s good to hear. I haven’t had Whispering Angel for several vintages; the quality took a dive as the production quantity skyrocketed. Maybe things are turning around.

By the way, my wine buddy neighbors were just in Boston, visiting family. I’ll connect you the next time they are in the area.