What a networking group should be . . .

Some networking groups are BORING. They have morning meetings with coffee, orange juice, stale bagels and tofu cream cheese. They have rules like “You have to have at least three referrals” and other annoying things. We have a simpler approach. The only rules of the Attorney Oenophiles networking group are that you should bring a wine that you would like to share with your professional colleagues, that you must follow the theme selected by the host (or bring DRC if you insist) and that you are an admitted attorney, although law students and those who are awaiting admission are allowed.

Our periodic meeting was held this Thursday at our office in Midtown Manhattan. The theme was Syrah From Around the World and those in attendance did not disappoint. Although the photo of the bottles omitted a few highlights like the 2003 Branson Coach House, it did include the 1997 La Turque, the 2014 SQN delivered the day before, the 1996 Edmunds St.John and the 1997 La Chappelle, Hawk’s Butte Copain, Pax 2.0 Griffen’s Lair, Pride, Dead Arm, Guigal Chateau d’Ampuis (boxing above its weight class, by the way) and a handful of different Cote Roties that were excellent, even to the palate of the guy who brought the SQN.

Photo credit goes to my new associate, but Rebecca shall remain nameless because she would be embarrassed.

Too bad one has to be a lawyer to attend this networking event :wink:

Great theme, and a nice picture [cheers.gif]

It avoids a bunch of lawyers hovering over too few clients.

That’s a killer gathering, Jack, um, I mean Jay!

Many wines in the line-up that I’d be all over.

They must be pretty open-minded to let you bring an SQN. neener

No, just worried about discrimination suits! :wink: [snort.gif] newhere

Dude. Pride, Pax, Campesino, Copain, Arnot-Roberts…nice CA lineup. For the Northern Rhones (CR and Cornas), Jay, I can’t get a feel for the labels. What’s there?

Want to go to there!!

Too bad it discriminates against non-lawyers :frowning:

Wow. I thought the group had long since disbanded. Maybe time to start one out here.

The Cornas was Alain Vogue Les Chailles. I do not know the vintage.
One of the Cote Roties was a Jasmin. Not sure of the vintage, but I think late last decade like '06 or '07.
I can’t read the label of the one on the right, but someone should recognize the magenta going up the right side.

It’s a good thing for us that Flyertalk has a sub-group of people that enjoy wine. [winner.gif]

That’s Levet Cote Rotie. Most likely Chavaroche.

I am planning on going to law school in 8 years, so, would that qualify me as someone who is “waiting to be admitted?”

Sounds like a great group who are interested in contributing to good wine experiences!

Wow! Fantastic lineup. Next time I am flying out…

I see a couple of Andremilys. Well done!

How’s the SQN? I try to not open mine for at least a few years.

Hats off to Jay for hosting and reinvigorating this group of attorney oenophiles. Hope it will keep going

Someone should have brought a motion in limine.

I might actually attend some of the CFO forums I’m invited to if there was a similar format…