Whah???? New from Suckling

James Suckling @JamesSuckling
My documentary on my quest as a wine critic to make my own glass collection: http://www.jamessuckling.com/wine-glass.html

“I’m here at the Lalique furnace…!”

Also, do you think he’s 100 or 100-plus points on the 100 Point Universal glass??

Cost? Actually I quite like the non-stoppered carafe.

I’ll admit, the glasses and decanter look great. Seeing the production process is amazing. Documentary?? Maybe commercial… But not a documentary!

Amazing video, too cool and a beautiful glass. I’m sure I’ll stick with Zalto but would consider if reviews from fellow wine drinkers piqued my interest.

Looks like the glasses are in the $150 range and the decanter is north of $900. They’re all gorgeous, but at 100 points certainly no one expects bargain. :astonished:

Maybe he’ll name it “The Douchebag Collection”?

Are we quite sure that Suckling did not invent the Internet instead of Al Gore? Dreaming of making his own wine glasses for 30 years, indeed. And the written blurb on the Lalique website rambles just as incoherently and imprecisely as the video does. I have never seen blathering and bloviating translate so well to the written word. He should be making the glasses, not pimping them for Lalique. A blowhard like Suckling could triple the output! I wonder if any of these glasses will ever be seen outside of Asia, where overpriced, industrially produced glassware may find an audience. The Lalique website is definitely worth checking out, though. They sell perfume and glass hood ornaments for your Rolls and your Bentley, too. Everything that a subscriber to the Asian Tatler magazines could dream of. Rene Lalique must be turning over in his grave so often that St. Peter now refers to him as “Pinwheel” Lalique!

He started LAlique a while ago. It was all over twitter.

John, you are speaking of Rene Lalique, who started the Lalique glassworks in 1909, or the fact that suckling hooked up with them a while back? Suckling probably believes that he started Lalique, or at least put it on the map with his 100 points collection, but neither would be true (kinda like his 100-point vintage in the Piemonte in 2000!). :slight_smile:

Nice glassware. Why not just wish him luck and move on ?
Last I heard, this is still America.

Where the hell did you hear that?

BTW in America, we have a great tradition of criticizing everyone. champagne.gif


I believe,I believe [worship.gif]


Because it’s more fun to make fun of him a little and then move on? Duh?

And yeah, exactly, this is America!

Bill, I find many of your posts way over the top for my tastes. This one, however, made me laugh out loud. [welldone.gif]

I have a couple small Lalique vases purchased years ago in Paris. Beautiful work and I like both the universal glass and the decanter. However, I would be terrified of breaking the stems and would never pay that much for a decanter.

Jim, I am always this funny. You must have been in a bad mood the other 1,582 times that I posted…

don’t want to burst your bubble on Chinese consumer culture, but glassware outside of vases from the Ming Dynasty aren’t exactly well sought after. I think the video is pretty cool. Wouldn’t buy it myself, but it’s a cool thing to watch how the glass is made.

Charlie, I am no expert on Chinese consumer culture, except to say that the Chinese are being targeted for the Lalique and are apparently having to suffer a lot more of the insufferable Mr. Suckling than any culture should have to. However, I do not appreciate you talking down to me under the guise of being Chinese. I see no real proof on this board that you really ARE Chinese. I look at what you are drinking, and frankly, I suspect you of being…AN INVESTMENT BANKER!!!